Are You Doing or Being?

by Ryan Biddulph

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Human being.

Not human doing.

Human beings do stuff. I write this guest post. But I only write this guest post because I am being a professional blogger who writes and publishes guest posts and blog posts daily. Imagine if I was being a security guard? I would see myself as a full time security guard who did some blogging. Being a full time security guard who did some blogging would have guaranteed I continued to be a full time security guard who did some blogging.

I never would have BECOME (after a persistent state of being) a professional blogger if I kept being a security guard. I kept BEING a pro blogger well before I became a pro blogger, even though ego wanted me to scramble back to the illusion of comfort and security consistent with being a full time security guard.

Deciding Makes the Difference

I decided to BE a pro blogger for years before becoming the pro blogger. I decided to stop doing what my pier guard self did, to be the pro blogger. For example, I stopped spending hours daily watching TV, going to the gym – common habits during my pier guard days – to spend hours daily meditating, doing yoga, power walking in nature and yes, to spend a little bit of time watching streaming online, too.

Choose to stop mindlessly doing stuff someone – or society – taught you to do in order to survive. Humans tend to teach humans to do stuff like:

  • get a job to pay bills
  • buy a home
  • start a family

but few humans think through why humans tend to do this stuff.

A select few humans deliberately ponder:

“Why am I DOING this?”

In so asking and waiting for an honest answer, these few begin BEING the person who lives their most fun, freeing, fulfilling dreams. Sometimes this free, liberated life involves working jobs, buying homes and starting families but many times, this freeing version of life involves none or few of the common ways of human living.

Deciding to be the fun, freeing being you dream to be involves making freeing but scary and downright uncomfortable choices. Ego fears being something more. Doing mindlessly feels comfortable, safe, secure and normal but doing mindlessly also involves feeling miserable, depressed, bound and like you are dying a bit more daily.

What Feels Fun and Freeing?

What feels fun and freeing to you? Be that person. Begin taking steps toward your fun, freeing life by being the person you intend to be right now.

Do you want to circle the globe as a pro blogger? Be that person now. Buy your domain and hosting. Pick a blogging niche you enjoy working. Invest in a helpful blogging course. Put in work. Put in time.

Be with fears triggered as you BE this pro blogger – while working a full time job – like:

  • the fear of wasting time
  • the fear of wasting money
  • the fear that no one will read your blog
  • the fear of not being good enough

Simply proceed to be this pro blogger for 1000's of hours until you become the pro blogger who circles the globe, being free, feeling fulfilled as you serve people through your blog, and having exited the unhappy, bound life of mindlessly doing stuff folks told you to do just to survive.

To me, this life is not for the feint of heart but everything else is death or a rapid acceleration of the dying process.


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Ryan Biddulph

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