1 Surprise on the Self Help Journey

by Ryan Biddulph

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Most folks engage in self-help to fill a void.

People want to make more money, get a new job or folks simply want some *thing* to *make them happy*.

But one big surprise meets virtually all human beings on a journey of growth; facing, feeling, releasing and emptying your being of:

  • fear
  • pain
  • suffering
  • grief

is the ONLY way to be happy, then, to acquire things, then, to cultivate peace of mind throughout your human experience. Predominantly, at least.

Folks want to fill a void but emptying fear-pain to create a void is the only way to be the love, serenity, happiness, peace of mind and abundance you really are. You and I are gods squeezed into a meat suit for a human experience. A god can do virtually anything by releasing the self-image of being a mindless insect, tossed to and fro on the sea of circumstance.

Facing, feeling and releasing fears and limiting beliefs fueling ideas that you are an insect, a victim, a weak, powerless being, well, feeling these fears feels horrible sometimes. But you grow by emptying yourself of false notions preventing growth.

The Surprise Feels Bad in Moments

I largely feel good, happy, serene, generous and relaxed. But I only feel this way most of the time because I accepted the surprising element of personal growth; following your dreams comes part and parcel with facing nightmares, fears and pains.

Hey! I wanted to build a thriving blogging business, travel the world and make money. Why in the heck did I feel angry, embarrassed, ashamed, hopeless and suicidal? I did not ask for that stuff. I asked for money, freedom and peace of mind. What gives?

Freedom, happiness, money, peace of mind, world travels, business success and all that good stuff existed on the other side of my:

  • fears
  • pains
  • grief
  • suffering
  • depression
  • sadness
  • suicidal thoughts and feelings

Wow. Shocker. But I realized how it made perfect sense. Human beings seem to be perfectly engineered to succeed on arrival. Babies need love, care and tender assistance of course but observe how little kids naturally behave like unstoppable dynamos.

Little kids possess:

  • deep desires
  • endless persistence
  • doggedness
  • no self-consciousness
  • no awkwardness
  • no shame
  • no embarrassment
  • unlimited belief in self
  • unlimited clarity

But little kids almost always become influenced, conditioned by and programmed by scared parents, brothers, sisters, friends and society to be scared, afraid, self-conscious and goodness knows what else.

Scared, afraid, self-conscious, embarrassed energies need to go for you to return to the clear, confident human being who as an adult manifests happiness, peace and mind and worldly success in the forms of money and property, if you so choose these vehicles.

Feeling bad feels bad. But clearing bad feelings makes you feel better, better then flat out good most of the time. Feeling good makes you calm, generous and trusting. Calm, generous, trusting people become successful in their endeavor of choice.

Be prepared to ride out bumps. Be comfortable with being uncomfortable. Humans need to feel fear before becoming more fearless. Humans need to feel the fear of loss before living a more abundant life.

The way I see it, living your dream life of freedom is worth suffering through a few moments of uncomfortable feelings.


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