1 Important Thing to Remember About Coaches

by Ryan Biddulph

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I am technically not a blogging coach because I focus almost solely on passive income streams. I ceased offering coaching services save trusted clients who ask for sessions privately.

But I do teach bloggers how to blog successfully through my blog, eBooks, courses, videos and podcasts.

Remember; I do feel blogger fears, pains and struggles because I have *been* there. But I am *not there* now because I needed to evolve out of fear-based living to:

  • see more clearly
  • become more aware
  • rise higher on the energetic scale
  • actually be able to teach successful blogging fundamentals effectively

Some human beings vibing deeply from fear, pain, scarcity and poverty fall so lost into the illusion of fear that these folks forget how professional coaches evolve out of deeper, primal fears to leave that way of living behind. Otherwise, how could a pro coach become a skilled, pro coach, being burdened with primal fears, heavily anchored in survival mode?

Coaches Left the Way of Living You Blame them for Not Knowing

Ego is a tricky little devil.

Ego turns people into fools because fools sometimes complain about pro coaches or successful people being:

  • “out of touch”
  • “tone deaf”
  • “unable to relate”

The insane media specializes in this insanity, fanning flames between scared people struggling to survive and loving people who intend to empower humanity.

Compassionate, loving, professional coaches are the most:

  • in touch
  • willing to lend an empathetic ear
  • able to relate to any-all human beings

because compassionate, pro coaches faced, felt and released deep fears; often times, far deeper fears than you have faced, yet.

Remember this truth before you complain about coaches not being able to understand your pain or not being able to relate to your suffering. Pros understand and relate better than anyone but pros grew out of BEING that person years ago or decades ago in some cases.

Never expect to see Tony Robbins dwelling on the time his mom chased him out of the house with a knife, forcing him to fend for himself when he was 17, because he embraced the fear-pain of the experience and left it in his rear view window decades ago, to become the empowered person he is today.

Expect to see images of Tony empowering millions, enjoying his resort in Fiji and being a loving servant for people willing to listen to him.

Do not blame the guy for sharing his love and success because you seem so mired in your fear, pain and poverty. Stop judging him for leaving that version of himself behind. He could never empower people being burdened by his fears. He could never lend you a hand to help pull you out of misery, depression and sadness if he too were stuck in the same pit of despair, wallowing in fear.

Pros Evolve: Follow their Lead

Follow pro coaches by being as pro coaches be.

First off, face, feel and release your intimately personal fears. No one grows being burdened by fear. Even though feeling fear feels unpleasant you need to take that step to become empowered and to cultivate your peace of mind and overall happiness.

Coaches develop the skill of shifting their attention and energy from fear to love. Before posting that fear-heavy political or news update, shift to love by posting a picture of your family, or post a picture of nature around your home.

Pro coaches cannot help you out of a deep pit if both of you became stuck in the deep pit. Be thankful that they are on high ground to pull you out.

About the Author 

Ryan Biddulph

Ryan Biddulph helps you learn how to blog at Blogging From Paradise.

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