1 Fascinating Aspect of Personal Growth

by Ryan Biddulph

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The more you grow as an individual the more skilled you become at helping other people grow.

The less you grow personally the less you can help other people grow.

Over 10 years ago, I grew little as a human being.

My day: wake up, grab a bagel, watch news, go to gym, go to work, come home, watch movies on DVD, go to bed. How could I grow? I spent virtually 100% of my time, attention and energy NOT growing by focusing on meeting basic survival needs (work a job to put food on table, roof over head and to pay bills) and to be comfortable (hit the gym and watch DVDs).

I could never help other people to grow because I could not even help myself to grow.

But after years of:

  • meditating
  • doing yoga
  • being a professional blogger
  • doing uncomfortable, freeing things
  • following my passion
  • following my fun
  • largely living a life of generous service

I have grown enough individually, through a 15,000 to 20,000 hour commitment, that I can offer sound counsel from a certain sophistication, confidence and clarity to bloggers (about blogging) or to any human being (about life).

10 years ago, I had no idea what a blog was. Today, I can spot 20 patterns, points for improvement or strong aspects of any blog. Why? I chose to grow as an individual by following my fun, facing my fears, gaining blogging experience and being fully committed to personal development.

Why Do People Struggle to Lead Others?

People struggle to lead other people because people cannot even lead themselves. How can you empower people, uplift people, offer wise counsel, be honest, fair and see clearly if you rarely meditate, do yoga, face your fears, leave your comfort zone and commit 100% to personal growth?

New coaches often struggle horribly to effectively coach clients – if they even land clients – because new coaches' minds are filled with fear, new coaches cannot coach/manage themselves and because of this, new coaches offer no discernable level of sophistication, skills or expertise.

If you have not walked through the fire yet, how in the heck can you teach other people to walk through the fire?

Work on yourself. Spend 30-60 minutes daily managing your energy by meditating and doing yoga. Start there. If you cannot sit in a quiet room to open your mind and body, how in the heck can you ever do the uncomfortable, but freeing things required to help OTHER humans grow?

We can only give what we have.

No one can give what they do not have.

The more you grow by committing to exploring your inner world, the more people you can help grow through your:

  • example
  • experience
  • generosity
  • knowledge
  • wisdom

I have said it before: building an online business while circling the globe for a decade and engaging in strict personal development habits will allow you to grow personally unlike few life experiences. This journey has been fun, freeing, enjoyable and sometimes absolutely terrifying, humbling overwhelming, in moments.

I would not trade the past 10 years of my life for anything because I would never be able to help people as I do unless I helped myself as I did, making freeing but highly uncomfortable choices for my personal growth, over a decade.

About the Author 

Ryan Biddulph

Ryan Biddulph helps you learn how to blog at Blogging From Paradise.

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