Why Seek the More Difficult and Complex Path?

by Ryan Biddulph

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I snapped the picture from my bed.

How do I exit the room? I walk through the doorway. Trying to crawl through the breakfast nook is the difficult, complex path.

Makes perfect sense for most humans in terms of exiting rooms but people stop making sensible choices in other aspects of their lives. Fear causes you to do complex, difficult things.

Relaxed minds choose doors over breakfast nooks as exit ways.

But fear influences you to make difficult, complex choices. For example, panicked, fear-filled minds frantically obsess over driving Google traffic for years versus relaxing, publishing helpful content and going pro by helping human beings.

The simple, seamless path for success: develop skills to help human beings.

The difficult, complex path for success: try to manipulate things and people to squeeze money out of things and people, while developing no genuinely helpful skills.

Why try to crawl through a tight breakfast nook? Walk casually through the door.

Simple Does Not Mean Comfortable

Walking through the door requires effort. Sometimes, you feel so tired and worn out that you do not want to exit your room.

Ditto for the simple, seamless path; simple does not mean comfortable or even easy. Taking the simple, smart path involves facing, feeling and releasing deep fears. But facing, feeling and releasing fears beats taking the difficult, complex path engineered to help you avoid your fears.

Complex, difficult decisions lead you to complex, difficult actions adding days, weeks, months and years to your journey. Why force a square peg into a round hole?

Keep life simple. Follow your dreams. Develop helpful skills. Serve people. Face fears. Feel fears. Release fears.

Observe Worldly Problems

Every worldly problem feeds on human beings making the complex, difficult choice of trying to crawl through a breakfast nook versus walking through the door.

Walking through the door may feel scary or outright terrifying because who knows what – or who – stands on the other side of the door? But facing, feeling and releasing fear is the key step to living your dreams, to freeing yourself, to liberating humanity and to joining all people in love and harmony.

Fools speak of processes being complex, difficult and hard. Wise souls know everything is simple if you keep facing your fears as you follow your love. Your intuition knows the simple path but this journey introduces you to fear, discomfort and a general attitude of surrender.

Welcome to living with a high level of emotional intelligence 🙂

Observe the news. Highly intelligent people with the low emotional intelligence make simple processes complex and difficult for generally low emotionally intelligent humanity to flounder through, for days, weeks, months, years and decades.

Meanwhile, highly emotional intelligent people see through their fears, face more fears and take simple, seamless paths to empower themselves and humanity.

So…..did you walk out of the door seamlessly or try to crawl through the breakfast nook today, in terms of your business or job, family life, or with anything you have done in the past 24 hours?

Take the path of least resistance.

Even if the least resistant path feels scary to travel, you'll get where you need to be more quickly.

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