Why People Who Fear Living Fear Death the Most

by Ryan Biddulph

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Imagine this scenario; some country appears to plowing along, all peachy-keen.

Then some sickness afflicts the country.

Based on stats from the most trusted source, 0.00002 people in the country passed from that something after a half year of being exposed. But shops closed down, people were told to stay in their homes and suicide, domestic violence, alcohism and drug addiction rates skyrocketed during the time frame.

Who fought for those laws based on a tiny sliver of people passing on? People terrified to die. Who is terrified to die? People terrified to live. Every single person who believes 0.00002 people dying from something is dangerous and demands, say, 330 million people to suffer, has been deluded by their own intimate, personal fears. Making matters worse, their horror of the sickness blinds them 100% from all of the mental illness, physical sickness, the horrors of various forms of abuse and death, occurring in front of them, in their neighbor’s homes, right in front of their very eyes.

Note; the above is a fictitious scenario 🙂

100% of the time: the people most afraid to die, the most afraid of disease, the most afraid to pass on from any circumstance, are the people who most fear living.

Why Fear Living?

Well, living life to its fullest, grabbing life by the horns, requires you to face, feel and experience the fears of criticism, failure, death, poverty and about 101 other fears. Facing and feeling and experiencing those fears horrifies most human beings. So, most human beings fear living life. Most individuals fear living life, so God forbid if death visits them; their life will have been wasted if they die! But ego blinds fear-filled people from Truth: THEY wasted their life by choosing not to face fear, so their fear of death is genuinely their fear of life.

I am hardly some fearless master. One part of me fears death. But I have also faced death more than a few times during my world travels so death does not scare me horribly. Perfect evidence for the fact; I am living life to the fullest.

I faced down and helped slay this spitting cobra in Bali.

I lived in the remote jungles of Costa Rica for 6 weeks, where bullet ants and poison dart frogs were a dime a dozen, sometimes entering the hut-house:

Even though the tigers were not wild, I sat in a cage with three, 400 pound tigers in Thailand (you WILL feel the fear of death being around these apex predators):

I nearly died of dehydration after suffering through giardia in India:

What is the common theme here: I have faced death so even though a small part of me fears death, I have no fear of living. I am happy. I am at peace. Why? I seize life. I nudge into the fears of criticism, failure and poverty, to fully embrace life. Since I do not deeply fear living life, I do not deeply fear dying.

I recall Tim Ferriss talking about one of his friends. Dude made big bucks in corporate but felt depressed out of his mind. He eventually faced his fear of living, quit his job and opened a surf shop in Costa Rica, living his dreams, seizing life by the horns. After making his transition, Ferriss said the guy remained relaxed and serene during even severe turbulence on planes; no genuine fear of death.

Why? He let go his fear of living by facing the trio of criticism, failure and poverty fears.

Follow his lead. Do the same. Face the 3-headed fear monster fueling your fear of living to pretty much conquer the fear of death.


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