Why Not Schedule Your Freedom?

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People are BUSY these days.

Folks need to schedule everything down to the hour or even minute, it seems.

Run this errand. Do that thing. This needs to get done. That needs to get done. 

Life feels like a blur. 6 months pass in the blink of an eye. The next 6 months appear to be even MORE busy. Life seems to be getting hectic.

But have you scheduled time for your freedom?

Seriously; human beings tend to keep busy schedules for the sole purpose of being busy because most or all of their scheduled tasks bind them, handcuff them and keep them occupied with……busy work. Being busy guarantees you do not have time to face your thoughts and feelings dripping with fear; yeah, the same thoughts and feelings you trust, that keep you busy!

Do you believe the human experience is meant to be keeping busy with busy work?

Or do you believe the human experience is meant to be a lesson in freedom, fun and fulfillment?

As you think, so it shall be.

Everything is on you.

Schedule Time for Freedom

Stop engineering a life of busy work to try to escape from.

Begin engineering a life of freedom by scheduling time for freedom.

Schedule 10 minutes for meditating today. Do it. Sitting in quiet to observe your thoughts and feelings feels like a study in madness for the first few sessions. But you quickly see all the running around you do enslaves you to your thoughts and feelings.

Humans tend to run around like chickens with their heads cut off because their thoughts and feelings tell them to run around like chickens with their heads cut off. Seems bizarre, to me. But this only seems bizarre because I meditated for thousands of hours to become aware of how I also ran around like a mad man for years, keeping busy, because my fear-charged thoughts and feelings told me to do so.

After scheduling 10 minutes for meditating, schedule 10 minutes for doing something you absolutely have fun and love doing. Pick something incredibly freeing. Allow yourself to bask in the activity.

20 minutes of freedom today feels like a good starting point.

But be aware; doing freeing stuff often feels highly uncomfortable for bound folks at first. Guilt, shame, embarrassment, and a general fear of “ceding responsibility” or “avoiding your duties” often feels triggered the moment you make freedom – not fear – front and center in your mind.

Be with Uncomfortable Fears

Ride out uncomfortable fears arising in mind during meditation sessions. See the fears as they are; squiggly little energy waves in mind, created by ego, to keep ego preserved and comfortable. 

As fear arises, as you feel fear and as it passes, you become more aware. You see more clearly. Good.

Now you begin to make more freeing choices. 10 more minutes of freedom here. 10 more minutes of freedom there. Feel better. Be more free. Follow your passion. Edge toward your dreams. Be of greater service to humanity, including your children. 

Note; this is an important practice for dads and moms raising little kids because your children will only get the best version of you when you are increasingly liberated, not bound by living entirely in survival mode. Not taking tiny steps toward your freedom daily literally teaches your impressionable kids that life is supposed to be a mad, desperate rush in surviving, in keeping busy, in covering the basics, and in seeing freedom like some crazy pipe dream.

The most selfless, compassionate thing you can do for your children is to give them a life of freedom *through your liberated, glowing, living, breathing example.*

As you balance worldly responsibilities like putting food on the family table and a roof over your heads, keep scheduling time for freedom daily to show yourself and your children that a more fun, freeing, liberating way to live exists.

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