Why Enjoy the View Where You’re At?

by Ryan Biddulph

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Things only improve if you see things improving.

Where your attention and energy goes, grows.

All sprouts from consciousness.

I arrived to the High Peaks Wilderness region of the Adirondacks yesterday. Me and my wife had no clue the views from the property would be this eye-popping.

Exhibit A:

This is my home office view for the next 10 days.

I pondered driving 20 minutes to a popular hiking trailhead for the other-worldly views but thought to myself:

“Why not enjoy the view where I am?”

The 360 views on the property rival the views from the local mountain. Plus I save 20 minutes. Perhaps I will enjoy the hike this week but why not settle in to mesmerizing views from the couch? Goodness knows 2 hours of hiking await me in the backyard later today.

Life may seem daunting sometimes. Struggles attempt to level you. But life only changes if you change your perspective and learn to enjoy some aspects of where you are. Enjoy the view where you are right now. See the lessons learned. Harvest good out of the situation.

Appreciate how you are at the perfect place, in the perfect time.

Rock Bottom

Imagine hitting rock bottom.

Consider how you would feel – or felt – after:

  • getting divorced
  • going bankrupt
  • watching your business dissolve

Enjoying the view seems impossible but processing how you faced and experienced some of life's deepest fears purifies you for your life journey. You have to find positives after suffering heartache or else you get stuck in the heartache for months, years, decades or even the remainder of your life.

Remember; you had to hit rock bottom to reveal you to yourself because we are always at the perfect place, in the perfect time.

Loved ones passing on feels crippling at first but eventually reveals how their passing allows certain aspects of your life to flourish. Loved ones dying allows you to be your own, independent person. Every human suffers immense grief after family or friends pass on but their passing uncovers long buried talents, skills and abilities in you that you'd never have discovered if the person lived for your entire lifetime.

Be Gentle with Yourself

Enjoying your view seems easier in comfortable spots – like my current location – but feels terribly uncomfortable in certain spots.

I had to be gentle with myself as I looked for blessings, benefits and positives during difficult phases of my life. The blanket benefit for each traumatic experience: I felt a little good at least about facing, feeling and releasing my deepest fears during each experience because I unearthed talents I never could have found being burdened by these fears.

I gently, slowly and patiently built on small positives during rough patches. Gradually, my view improved to where I genuinely began enjoying life, however my life appeared to be at the time.

Every experience has a whole bevvy of beautiful lessons built in.

Learn to enjoy the view where you are right now.

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