Why Does Moving On Benefit You?

by Ryan Biddulph

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How many times has someone told you to move on?

People offer this advice in conjunction with letting it go or letting someone go.


Moving on frees you from the fear, pain and suffering of a past you have long outgrown.

I picture the prior 9 years I spent circling the globe. Things changed dramatically during the past year and a half of my life. About 2 months ago, my wife and I moved on from our prior life as we are now full time digital nomads. No home, no possessions save a car, clothes, luggage and laptops plus phones for our businesses, we released our beloved pet kitties, the home and an old way of life.

Moving on felt scary, a bit painful and incredibly freeing. No person or thing binds us to the past from a fear-filled, painful, suffering vibe.

Moving on from Fur Babies

Observe my kitties. I loved Delilah, Molly and Isa deeply but knew moving on from these fur babies opened the way to our life of traveling, exploring the world and freedom.

I also knew traveling with cats would be unfair to the cats, in addition to creating logistical nightmares, continual stress for both cats and us and a general fear-pain-suffering fed by our selfish attachment to them.

We did the right thing in finding loving homes for the cats but letting them go and moving on felt genuinely horrible. Imagine giving up your beloved pet to someone else? We knew it was the right thing to do but it felt terrible at the time.

However, moving on liberated me from my attachment to the cats, the home life ill-suited to us and the hometown we had long outgrown. I deeply appreciated our neighbors and fellow locals there but had little in common with them; fellow world travelers seemed non-existent, while most folks just wanted to talk about the news and gossip about day to day stuff.

I have not been happier, more peaceful and more relaxed in a long time because I officially moved on from fear, pain and suffering consistent with attaching to a life I had long out grown.

Move On

Let go. Release people and things pulling you back into fear, pain and suffering, complements of your heavy attachments.

Move on to step into a more enjoyable, liberating, peaceful way of living. Perhaps you need to move on from your job. Maybe you need to move on from your marriage. Or you may need to move on from your beloved pets if your traveling lifestyle forces your fur babies to stress out over all of the change involved with hiring house sitters and shifting schedules.

Move on.

Immediately, even if it feels scary, painful or outright horrible, you cannot help but slowly to feel more relaxed, at peace with and accepting of the moment. Dissolve attachments. Free yourself. Feel at ease.

Everything only happens if you choose to move on.

Moving on is an intimately personal decision. Everyone knows when it's time to move on but cutting strings scares most people. Know that holding on makes you suffer until you move on.

Let go.


Move on.

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Ryan Biddulph

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