Why Always Seeking Comfort Leads to Chaos

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Imagine if you engineer your entire life to be comfortable.

Work an easy job. Get a paycheck. Relax in front of the TV at night. Spend weekends relaxing. Watch TV. Sleep in. Go out to eat.

Chaos ensues the moment an inevitable event triggers the deep fears you avoided facing by trying to be comfortable 100% of the time. Closely observe how folks who rarely venture outside of their comfort zone into fear feel completely devastated, paralyzed and virtually unable to function after the:

  • death of a loved one
  • loss of a job
  • loss of their money

Chaos develops in mind. How can you face, filter and process deep fears buried for decades in only a few minutes or hours? Ego does its best to make the fear-chaos feel paralyzing enough that you withdraw from the world for a long time to cope with the mental chaos fueled by your deep, resisted, avoided fears.

Every human being needs to pay the fear piper. Designing your entire existence to be comfortable guarantees you avoid the fears you need to face to be happy, peaceful and free.

The Alternative

Exit your comfort zone routinely. Follow your dreams. Follow your fun.

Even though facing fear outside of your comfort zone feels unpleasant you will gracefully, calmly and deliberately glide through the loss of loved ones, the loss of your job and the dissolving of your business. What feels paralyzing to a terrified person who sought permanent comfort feels uncomfortable but like no big deal to a more fearless, poised person who left their comfort zone routinely.

Hiking Challenge

I spent a few hours today hiking a steep hill deep in the forest. Even though I had fun I also nudged outside of my comfort zone. Hiking miles up a hill with a 30% to 40% grade in spots, littered with boulders, tree roots and gullies, combined with slick conditions due to fog, forced me to face fears of slipping, falling and breaking something.

But I completed the hike, snapped a few eye-popping shots from the peak and know the fears I faced, felt and released make me more fearless going forward. Life largely feels peaceful to me because I faced, felt and released many deep fears triggered by highly uncomfortable experiences.

Mental chaos rarely pays me a visit. I tend to think in clear, orderly fashion in most scenarios because leaving my comfort zone routinely prevents the deep fear, panicked, chaotic feelings folks seem adversely affected by.

Leave Your Comfort Zone Regularly

Do something a little uncomfortable now. Broadcast live to challenge uncomfortable, self-conscious fears. Invest in something beneficial to your freedom that feels a bit scary to spend money on. Greet a stranger with a smile. Plan your dream vacation.

Leave your comfort zone regularly to defeat the deep fear fueled, chaotic energies suffered by people who always seek comfort over fear, growth and peace of mind.

As a rule, even advanced human beings spend more than enough time in their comfort zones. Give yourself a nudge here and there to err on the side of leaving your comfort zone routinely.

Develop your sense of calm, poise and peace of mind as life intervenes with its inevitable challenges.

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I read a paragraph in “A Course in Miracles” a few moments ago. The Voice aka “author” 😉 noted how every good teacher intends to give his students so much of his own learning that they will not need him one day. As always, the infinite wisdom channeled to this world remains spot on. Observe

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