What Self Sabotage Habits Do You Need to Own and Release?

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Here’s one I owned and released over the past year: holding back with my blogging campaign.

I know this sounds like madness to some of my readers. Did the guy who published a guest post and blog post daily for years seem to be holding back? Maybe to you I seemed generous but my cosmic duty had to be bigger. I know it had to be greater because I slammed into strong blogging resistance in 2019.

Lesson learned.

My old self-sabotage habit pattern included being generous but not delving deeply into my fears to be so generous that I forget completely about what I received through my blog.

10 years into my blogging career, I still face, own and release certain self-sabotage habits. Beings who are not enlightened can unearth self-sabotaging ways for most if not all of their lives.

How About You?

What habits do you need to own and let go? How do you sabotage your freedom, happiness and worldly success?

Do you begin ventures with wild-eyed excitement, only to quit a few months down the road? Do you quit because every few months you seem to experience an overwhelming breakdown? 

Or do you talk yourself out of every dream you ponder? Do you surround yourself with critics who explain why you cannot live your dreams? Or maybe you surround yourself with struggling folks burdened with underdog syndrome, fighting like mad to overcome an imagined enemy at every turn?

Own your failure guarantees. Feel fears fueling these habitual patterns. Release. Proceed from a more empowered energy.

Stop Over Analyzing

I know of awesome folks who stop to analyze, over analyze and completely pore over their problems, struggles and shortcomings. 2 months later, the self-analysis marathon session continues. Newsflash; studying your problems without an eye on solutions multiples your problems because where your attention and energy goes, grows.

Now that we’ve uncovered this common form of self-sabotage, know that unless you truthfully own, feel and release your sabotaging ways you literally cannot outwork, out last or out maneuver your self-sabotage. Why? You cannot get over feelings within you.

Your feelings – or your vibe – dictate how you think, feel and act. As long as you cling to these failure-guarantees, you will think, feel and act in alignment with the self-sabotage and of course, you will sabotage yourself in the future, 100% of the time.

Sit in Quiet

Find a quiet room. Close the door. Look at yourself in the light of truth.

List your self-sabotaging ways. Common forms include the aforementioned analysis paralysis, in addition to starting some venture with deep money or fame drivers, feeling intimidated by and avoiding successful mentors who’d guide you on the right path and a blanket aversion to facing, feeling and releasing deep fears.

Sitting in quiet allows the ego chatter to reach a crescendo, then quiet down. Truth follows.

Once you stop self-sabotaging you are free to take successful steps toward your dreams without tripping yourself up on purpose..

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