What Is the Most Powerful Benefit of Doing Your Own Thinking?

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Doing your own thinking allows you to see what is really there versus seeing what is not there.

Unfortunately, most people never develop their thinking faculty to any appreciable level. Folks trust the news because the news thinks for lazy thinkers. People allow the news to think for them. If the media reports something, the something must be true because if the media thinks something, lazy thinkers trust the media thinking and reporting.

Yeah…..good luck with that one.

One scan of 5, 10 then 20 different news sources reveals that all 5, 10 or 20 different news sources have slightly or dramatically different lines of thinking regarding stories.

Who appears to tell the truth? Who do you trust?


Seriously; thinking for yourself first and foremost reveals all major media outlets report the news with heavy agendas in place. Watch Succession and The Loudest Voice because although both are technically fiction, if you are an independent thinker you easily see how real world media mirrors both story lines quite perfectly. Note; this is not about conservative or liberal news sources because BOTH try to do your thinking for you, based on the agendas of people who run each.

The biggest benefit of thinking for yourself is liberation from manipulation.

Liberation from Manipulation

Independent, free thinkers see through manipulation, to truth.

Independent, free thinkers cannot be fooled for long, if at all.

Most people let the media do their thinking for them. Naturally, the media easily manipulates these folks because the media uses fear to frighten scared people into doing stuff, for the benefit of certain people.

One quick scan of headlines on any day makes this as clear as day for free thinkers who see through the illusion of fear, seizing the truth.

Being easily manipulated makes your life hellish because people can twist and turn your reality at the drop of a hat, for any reason. Does it sound fun to feel pretty good one moment then horrible the next moment because the news deliberately tries – and succeeds – to scare you? Nope.

Why live your entire life on the sea of circumstance, bouncing here and there, left and right, feeling entirely powerless in the process?

Do your own thinking. Take control of your life. Thinking for yourself lets you think, feel and act your way out of any situation, even if the news media and general public try to manipulate you into doing otherwise. Thinking for yourself also helps you see the truth so nobody can convince you otherwise.

Loving Life on the Road

The current news cycle and general public hysteria creates the illusion of panic, suffering, pain and fear quite unlike any news cycle in recent memory.

But since I think for myself and see through the illusion I simply decided to begin traveling again during the current global climate.

Most people let the media, politicians and government think for them. If this 3-headed monster says something, the general public (not many independent thinkers there) trusts, and agrees, because, literally, if this complex thinks and reports a story, lazy thinkers simply let the trio do their thinking for them.

But free, independent thinkers question, poke and analyze the media, politicians and government until these individuals see through the manipulation and decide to live their life how they want to live their life, within the bounds of the law, of course.

Even many of my fellow travel bloggers continually harp about “when it's safe to travel again” because they let folks manipulate them, think for them and scare them into remaining home. I saw the truth behind the illusory headlines and political warnings, hit the road and have deeply enjoyed the past month plus of travel.

Life is short.

Think for yourself.

Free yourself from being manipulated.

See the truth.

Liberate yourself.

Being able to freely think for yourself allows you to step out of the matrix of fear into something far more freeing, liberating and fulfilling.

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