What Ego Excuses Need to Go?

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Some people believe I do not age.

Although I do sport quite a bit of grey hair, I have been carded whenever I dye my hair brown. I am 45 years young. Plus, most folks tell me how young I look and do not notice the grey hair at all.

Folks make excuses like “It is his genetics.” or, “He was born that way.”

Both excuses are not true because if I drank like a fish and smoked like a chimney while avoiding my fears, I would look like a living corpse, even if I was the child of Benjamin Button and Vera Wang.

Turns out, I have spent 1000's of hours:

  • meditating
  • doing Kriya yoga
  • doing yin yoga
  • exercising
  • taking icy cold showers

over years of my life NOT to look young but to follow my passion, to face fear and to be of greater service to humanity. Ego-drivers like vanity only get you so far, folks.

I have seen 63 year old's who looked 90 years old and I have seen people in their 70's who appeared to be in their 50's. What made the difference? In virtually all cases, mindset, following daily habits and seeing the journey through for decades reflect how young – or old – you appear to be.


The 63 year old guy had white hair, a red face and a bulbous nose. He drank heavily, being a severe alcoholic. All fears he buried manifested as drinking heavily. Drinking heavily accelerated the aging process to where he appeared to be 30 years older than he was.

He chose habits to look how he did.

People in their 70's who appear to be in their 50's all seem to have followed daily rituals for managing their energy, including:

  • walking briskly for 60 minutes
  • meditating
  • doing yoga
  • drinking plenty of water
  • getting plenty of rest
  • practicing gratitude

People wear their age based on their fear-based or love-based habits.

What Ego Excuses Do You Need to Release?

Do you resist adopting high energy, love-based habits for feeling good because of the “they look young because young-looking people co-created them” excuse? Own it. Let it go. Take care of yourself. Do yoga. Meditate. Walk.

Own every excuse ego makes. Own excuses you make regarding successful entrepreneurs being lucky, happy people “never having anything bad happen to them”, and people having certain advantages over you. Let go all excuses because excuses wield immense power over you and your ability to be happy, free and successful.

The only people who support your excuses are fellow excuse makers. How far do energetic losers get you in life? Not too far. Energetic losers focus heavily on loss, fear and opportunities denied because excuses blind you to opportunity.

You and I live in abundance. Release excuses to see endless opportunities around you. Does someone appear to hold you back? Let them go. Work with someone else. Live with someone else.

Does some circumstance appear to hold you back? Rise above it. Let it go to create new circumstances in your life.

Life is one big old opportunity for seizing, learning and liberating yourself and people whose lives you touch. Let go ego excuses to discover this fun, freeing truth.


Own any-all excuses ego makes. Sit with the discomfort. Squirm. Maybe you live life based 100% on certain excuses. Trading in the excuses also trades in your life. Freeing, fun and scary change ensues.

Welcome to living your dreams.

Own excuses, release excuses and move in the opposite direction. Remove excuse-handcuffs to free yourself.

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