Stop Cutting Limbs from Your Tree

by Ryan Biddulph

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Every human being is like a branch sprouting from a massive tree.

Every race appears to be a different cluster of branches but make no mistake about it; each branch and cluster is one with the tree.

The tree IS humanity. The tree IS every living thing.

But few humans realize this. Naturally, the moment one branch appears to obstruct or even chop off – appear to kill – another branch, some humans blame the killer branch. But the branch did not know any better based on its awareness.

Campaigns begin to punish the killer branch. People try to cut it down. Humans begin movements to spotlight the terrible problems those type of branches are to the tree society. But these people only punish themselves because these people are branches on the same tree.

If a tree loses enough branches the tree tends to die.

Cosmic Justice

Human beings do find use in establishing justice systems through ego but since we are all branches on the same tree, cutting off a branch only kills a part of you. If the branch sprouted close enough to you, you, being one with the branch, feel the pain of killing the branch by removing it from the tree.

The moment you do anything to hurt that branch you hurt yourself because you are a branch on the same tree.

Every human being is simply an offshoot of one living presence. We appear to be brothers and sisters but the truth is we are just one life form.

Human justice does serve its purpose to shield humanity from facing its worst fears (the chaos of complete forgiveness and all clearing this would entail) but if people pumped the brakes, took a deep breath and realized how often we hurt, damage and literally sap our collective life force through the current system, we'd forgive, release and allow cosmic justice to work in its perfect way far more often.

The energy in the offending human being aka branch would inevitably carry the life form on its intended journey, whether it be a quick death or perhaps sprouting into some bright light shining brilliantly for humanity, as a beacon of love.

Every Saint Was One a Sinner

The Apostle Paul persecuted Christians before he was converted. This enlightened soul shared immense wisdom, love and peace with the world because his cosmic justice came in the form of a blinding experience from something not of this world.

Before you condemn, dig deep and understand from a compassionate energy how hurt people, hurt people. Dig even deeper to realize that hurting another human only hurts you because both humans live as branches sprouting from the same tree. Plus you never know how forgiving versus condemning someone could change society in a positive, uplifting way.

Fighting against other human beings creates a hellish inner turmoil that destroys your life because you literally go to war with yourself every time you hurt someone else.

Does that make sense?

The most powerful people on earth forgive because releasing other human beings allows you to see even more deeply how we are intimately connected.

Stop hurting yourself, judging yourself and making your life miserable by hurting other human beings.

Forgive. Move on.


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