Social Media Wisdom: Move On When It Is Time to Move On

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I just blocked someone on Facebook.

I deeply appreciate my Facebook buddies. I also know when it's time to move on from both buddies and strangers.

Someone commented on a photo I shared of me sitting with a 400 pound tiger. I began posting the photo in 2011, the year I sat with the kitty. I fully explained how we vetted the organization through feedback from locals along with the account of someone who worked in the place for 6 months.

I have gone over this too many times to offer my explanation once again.

Of course, the travel blogging circuit has a collection of well-meaning but misunderstanding ethical justice warriors whose sole purpose seems to be judging, criticizing and questioning any human being who does something the ethical justice warriors deem despicable, immoral or flat out abusive to animals, people or anything in between.

I appreciate her concern but blocked her, deleted her comment and moved on. Her issues is HER worthiness issue and has nothing to do with a tiger, an organization or even me.

We see the world as we see ourselves. Ethical travel warriors see themselves as being abused, less than and treated unfairly, then mirror back their self-image to the world, through their well-meaning but lower energy, angry intent.

Why did I block her?

It's nothing personal.

Tt's time to move on.

Time to Move On

I barely knew her, anyway. I had no connection with her so basically, we became strangers. I have little tolerance for friends who become ethical warriors but give buddies a pass. I have zero tolerance for strangers who judge, demean and question because their fear manifests as mental weakness – judging a stranger who needs offer no explanation but still explained, many times, over years – repels me.

I fully appreciate people living in some level of fear, pain and suffering need to project their fear, pain and suffering by fighting for people and animals who can handle themselves nicely, thank you. But as I have faced deeper fears in my life I tighten my circle to a select few human beings who need to earn the right to my attention and energy.

She lost that right 5 minutes ago 🙂

Move on from people who vibe from fear energies of fighting, assailing, judging and questioning from an accusatory, heavy energy of weakness. Allow in loving, open people who love and accept themselves to create a more seamless experience.

Move on to be happy. Move on to be at peace. Move on to surround yourself with more love and less fight.

Use the Block Button Appropriately

I love a nice little chat. Ditto for enjoy intelligently, rational, loving discourse. Chatting with folks boasting a high level of emotional intelligence appeals to me.

But I block people who harbor a low level of emotional intelligence immediately to respect my time and to respect their time. I respect my time by moving on from the person and I force them to respect their time because they will never get an explanation, fight or rebuttal from me.

I am detached like that 🙂

Nothing Personal

I genuinely do not take needless criticism personally. Nor do I use the block button to punish, hurt or insult someone personally.

I respect these people. But just because I respect someone does not mean they will ever take up 1 more second of my life.

Life is too short to deal with unclear, unhappy victims who fight, bicker and harshly judge. I love people. I respect people. If I do not see the same love, respect and emotional intelligence from other human beings I wish them the best – from my heart – and block them with a smile.

Do the same to move on when it's time to move on.

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