Life Is One Big Old Opportunity for Fun and Freedom

by Ryan Biddulph

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Life is simply one big opportunity for seizing, enjoying and experiencing.

Life is an opportunity to help your fellow human beings, as well as all sentient creatures.

Life is an opportunity to help all living things.

How do you seize the opportunity of life? Or do you shy away from the opportunity? Do you want to play it safe? Who taught you to play it safe? Did that individual play it safe, too? Or did the person seize opportunities for freedom left and right?

Of course, anybody who advises you to shrink, to think small, to be small and to play it safe simply embodied those words from a predominant energy of fear. Have compassion for the person but let them go and let their advice go.

Every Moment Is an Opportunity

Do you dream of circling the globe as a full time world traveler? One quick click of my link below reveals I do this and teach folks how to do it, through blogging.

Right now, in this moment, you have the opportunity to visit my blog, buy my eBooks, buy my courses and learn more about how to take positive steps toward your dream.

Seize the opportunity now because the moment exists. Only now is real.

Not seizing the opportunity to learn from a person who's lived the dream life you envision guarantees you step farther away from your dream life. Opportunities do not choose you. Opportunities are passive, airy, transient things. YOU choose the opportunity.

Seizing Opportunities Triggers Fears

OK; imagine you always worked jobs to get paychecks because you deeply fear losing all of your money, health benefits, home and property.

But you dream of being a globe trotter, like me.

Per my suggestion above, you click through to my blog, scan a few blog posts and vibe with my style. Cool. But almost immediately, seizing this dream-living opportunity triggers multiple fears in your being.

Fears of putting in years of work, fears of not making money, fears of losing health benefits, getting gravely ill and dying and the blanket fears of criticism and failure course through your being, the moment you consider eventually trading your 9-5 job life for the island hopping, pro blogger life.

Welcome to living your dreams 🙂 Every dream sits behind a multitude of fears you face, feel and release, to step slowly and patiently toward your dreams.

Visualize Freedom

Feel the freedom of living your globe-trotting dream in mind, by visualizing the dream.

Try this one on for size: I am typing these words at 11:35 AM in the gorgeous Adirondacks of New York State. A fresh cup of coffee sits by my side. A perfect mountain backdrop greets my eyes, lush, green and calming.

This is my home office view now:

I woke up at 10 AM. No alarms in my world. After putting in some fun-work, my wife and I will hike for a few hours in the remote wilderness.

Visualizing these images and feeling the fun and freedom of living such a life instantly allows fun-freedom to begin dominating fear-comfort-safety illusion in your mind.

This is the starting point of seizing opportunities for fun, freedom and growth in every moment versus rejecting freeing opportunities to scamper back to your confining, restricting comfort zone.

Seize opportunities for freedom.



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