How Seriously Do You Take Your Craft?

by Ryan Biddulph

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I watched a video of Lebron James highlights from the 2019-2020 season earlier today.

This season marks Lebron's 16th year in the NBA.

Not only is he still the best player in the world, he continues to dominate the game in a way only perhaps 2-3 all time greats have.

But basketball has never seen an elite player be this dominating, overpowering and skilled 16 years into his career. Even icons lose their athletic ability 10-12 years in. By year 16, if still around, former stars look like old men, shuffling around the court.

Lebron is still staring down into the rim on dunks, crossing people over like he did as an 18 year old rookie and zipping laser passes unlike any player since Magic Johnson.

Why is Lebron so physically overpowering, skillfully imposing and pretty much the runaway freight train on the court he was as an 18 year old coming out of his school?

He is completely obsessed with taking care of his body.

He takes his craft more seriously than any star who's ever played the game.

Rest and Recovery

Practicing like a beast is definitely the dominion of guys like Jordan, the late Kobe and current mega stars Kyrie Irving and Kevin Durant. But Lebron does all of them one better. He practices like a machine but cares for his body unlike few professional athletes, from a rest, recovery, recharging, clean-living perspective.

He takes a long nap every day and gets to bed early at night. He diets strictly, doesn't drink and has an ice bath, hot tub and hyperbaric chamber in his home.

He also spends over $1 million per year on his body between his coaches, consultants and machinery.

He has taken his craft seriously to be the best pro athlete at an advanced stage of his career, in any sport.

Ask Yourself

Do you take your craft seriously? How committed are you to taking your skills to the limit and beyond?

Struggles beset most people because folks tend to not take their craft seriously at all. But if you commit to your craft your craft will commit to you.

Training for Blogging

I figured out years ago that to blog at the highest level I'd need to train my mind and body to deal with the rigors of typing on a laptop daily for 5 years and beyond.

Some have labeled me the hardest working blogger in the world. I have not taken a day off in 5 years. Most days, I publish 3-5 posts on my blog between videos and articles. I also publish 4 to 7 guest post articles daily. I have maintained these numbers for the past year plus. I publish helpful, quality content, too; this is no content mill drivel.

I also network generously for hours daily.


I take my blogging craft incredibly seriously by training mentally and physically to be at the top of my game.

I spend 3-4 hours daily:

  • meditating
  • doing Kriya yoga
  • doing yin yoga
  • exercising
  • spending time in an icy cold shower

Most bloggers run into writer's block and do not publish a single post for a week because blogging is some joke or airy thought to them. I spend 4 or more hours daily doing all types of yoga, meditating, exercising and recharging with ice showers. I publish 10-12 posts on most days while maintaining a highly active networking campaign.

Most bloggers don't train mentally or physically so the tiniest, weakest fears like silly writer's block derail their campaigns. I am awake at midnight every night doing deep yin yoga after another 10-12 blog posts and aggressive networking campaign.

Does it still shock you that some people call me the hardest working blogger in the world? I take my blogging craft as seriously as anyone, training mentally and physically for this gig, to be the blogger I am.

Take your craft seriously and your craft will be very good to you.


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