Everybody Walks a Different Path: Stop Comparing Yourself

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Your journey looks different than my journey.

Life had to teach you certain lessons during your stay on planet earth. Ditto for me.

I never could be the person I am today unless I walked a different path to every human being who ever lived. I appeared to walk a similar path to others but like all appearances, this is an illusion that ain't true.

My journey needed to be different than your journey because every person requires different experience teachers. Various experiences speak to me differently than various experiences speak to you based on where you and I are, respectively, on our life journeys.

Everybody Is Doing the Best They Can

Stop comparing yourself to me. Stop comparing yourself to other people. Right now, based on the level of your awareness, you are doing the best you can. Doing the best you can do reveals you are walking YOUR unique path right now.

Perhaps the path seems littered with depression, suffering, a job you do not enjoy or a life you feel terrible about. Stop comparing yourself to people who emit happy, peaceful, grateful lives and start listening to their advice immediately.

Just because you walk a different path does not mean you need to walk a depressing, miserable path forever. Respect how all people walk a different journey but be wise enough to trust happy, compassionate, serene human beings who live their dreams.

BUT…..respect how as your dreams unfold, your path will look different than any path any human ever walked. Life is a study in contrasts to understand how even though we are all connected we walk different journeys for fulfillment.

Learn from happy, successful mentors. Prepare to walk a different path than any mentor as your dream life unfolds before your eyes.

Stop Comparing Yourself to Others

Comparing yourself to others sets a delusion-filled desire:

“I want to be just like that person.”

No, you don't!

That person had to walk that path to learn intimate lessons that person needed to learn to become that person. You are not ready to be that person now because you have many lessons to learn, fears to face and feel and experiences to grow through – not go through – in order to be even remotely like that person.

Imagine if, in this very moment, you wanted to be just like me and you wanted to live this very life of circling the globe through blogging, when you happen to feel deeply depressed, totally overwhelmed with the current news cycle and terrified to step out into the world.

Being just like someone means you need to walk their IDENTICAL PATH. There is no other way. No one gets to pick and choose experiences.

Imagine now, feeling totally depressed and overwhelmed, that you experience a series of personally and financially devastating experiences over the years. This is the type of stuff that triggers feelings causing deeply depressed people to end their lives, point blank.

No; you do not want to live like me or to walk my identical path because I had to slowly, surely and progressively follow my dreams and face, feel and release fears, over 1000's of hours, to be on the path I am today.

You are not ready yet, just like I was not ready yet to live my dreams 10 years ago as a newbie blogger, and green personal development dude.

First, you'd start by dreaming dreams that nudge you outside of your comfort zone, to begin facing, feeling and releasing fears fueling your depression, your attachment to a job you dislike, and your terror to face the fear. Baby steps.

Stop comparing yourself to others. Right now, you are at the perfect place and perfect time, for you. Walk your own path.

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