Do You Live Life on Your Terms?

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Or do you live life on the bank's terms?

Do you live life mainly to make mortgage payments?

Do you live life on your employer's terms?

Do you map out the 1-2 vacation weeks you take each year because your employer tells you that you need to be at your job for the remaining 50-51 weeks each year?

Hey; if you love your job and home and if it feels incredibly fun and freeing to work your job and to live in your home, you found your calling. Some people feel free, liberated and quite at peace working their job and living in their home. Fabulous.

But one quick scan of humanity suggests quite a different story for most human beings..

People do not live life on their terms for fear of what life would look like by living life on their terms. Even more scary: human beings deeply fear the decisions they need to make and the outcomes of those decisions to live life on their own terms.

Is the fun worth it? Heck yeah. Is the freedom worth it? You bet. Nothing feels better than being free to be the shot caller of your life. But the decisions you make to be the shot caller feel scary, outright terrifying or sometimes, depressing.

Letting Go the Kitties

Last month, my wife sold the house because circling the globe is our version of living life on our terms. Selling the house meant finding loving homes for our 3 kitties. Delving into the fear-pain and sadness of finding homes for the cats – along with knowing we would no longer care for them – felt bad, really bad.

But we had to let the cats go to live life on our terms. We do not want to settle down in our hometown just because we fear facing rough emotions consistent with releasing cats.

Naturally, I cried deeply a few times during the release process. I slept poorly. I still miss the kitties a little bit but feel free because we have once again engineered life specifically how we intend to engineer life.

Now we can travel anywhere and the cats live in loving homes with homeowners who care for them daily, said homeowners not traipsing around the globe like Kelli and I. 

What Do You Need to Let Go?

Perhaps you need to start a home based business to gradually let go the job because you feel sick and tired of living by your employer’s terms. Face the fear. Do it. Make an exit plan. Start your home based business. No time like the present.

Maybe you need to sell the house because you feel like the bank and the mortgage seem to set the terms for your life. Begin the process of selling your home. Rent an apartment. Or circle the globe, renting places, house sitting and enjoying what the world has to offer.

You have the answers, within. I cannot say what feels freeing or confining to you. Plus, you have to deal with your intimate fears concerning letting go a job, home or beloved pet. Being free involves paying the full tuition of facing your personal fears of letting go whatever or whomever seems to set the terms for your life.

As always, move forward slowly and steadily. Feel out the process. Never make rash, desperate decisions but do make deliberate, sometimes scary decisions slowly, patiently and persistently to baby step your way out of bondage into freedom.

Live life by your terms.

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