Do You Fear Being Labelled A Crazy Person?

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My wife and I hiked through a remote area of the Adirondacks yesterday at dusk, just before darkness crept in. No human being within miles, we were the only folks parked at the entrance to trailhead.

The park spans 40,000 acres but joins with at least one other park reaching 100,000 acres into a vast wilderness. New York State is basically a 55,000 mile forest with a few decent-sized cities peppered in here and there. 10,000 black bears, an abundance of coyotes, countless deer, and ample bobcats, moose and beavers grace this park that could fit 3 Yellowstone National Parks inside of it.

As I hiked up a small hill I heard heavy rustling in the leaves. Imagine a family of squirrels messing around on the forest floor. But then I heard heavy foot falls and a few light grunts. A large creature had been foraging before I notified him – or her – of my arrival. Something did not feel normal about the creature; the sounds and its erratic movement did not fit a deer or bear. Deer take off. Bear shuffle off. This footfalls just stopped, right before I reached the clearing.

I reached the top of the hill. I saw nothing. But someone began tossing acorns, branches and bark through the heavy, vast canopy, above. Imagine the same family of squirrels foraging high in the trees, but on steroids.

I proceeded. But it felt like someone was there. Do you know when someone is sitting in the next room and you cannot see them but feel their presence? Picture walking into a seemingly empty home but knowing as soon as you pass the doorway that someone is sleeping in the bedroom, or reading in the living room, without you seeing or hearing them. You just sense their presence. It felt like that. I felt relaxed, poised and calm. The presence only gave off good vibes.

My wife trailed me by about 10 yards. She stopped and looked to her right. She then heard a single, clear, gorilla-like grunt. I heard it too. Sounded similar to the light grunting I heard while walking up the hill, but amplified. Remember; the forest was deathly quiet. No birds chirping or insects humming. But we saw nothing.

After the heavy grunt, a foot long piece of bark landed about 2 feet away from her, dropping from the canopy.

We then heard a series of distinct wood knocks 40 yards away, behind the tree line. Whomever did the knocking even changed cadence a few times. 1, 2, 3, 4, 5. Being a fool, I fired up the camera to record the knocking but it stopped the moment I pressed “record”. The knocking commenced again 5 seconds after I turned off the camera.

After 5 minutes of wood knocking at a close distance, everything settled down.

My wife and I thanked the forest people and moved on, grateful to witness their display.

Did I fear sounding like a crazy person writing these words to share my experience?

Absolutely not.

The Remote Wilderness Plays by a Different Set of Rules

I spend a small chunk of time daily watching videos about Sasquatch.

Tens of thousands of honest, credible, genuine human beings share detailed, vivid encounters with Sasquatch in remote wilderness regions all over the United States and Canada.

More and more folks share how Sasquatch cloak themselves – like the creature in the Predator movie – and travel through different dimensions at will. I initially resisted this idea. But after the 2 most sane, poised, clear-thinking, rational people I know – me and my wife – heard a silverback gorilla type grunt in a silent, seemingly empty forest, void of life in our vicinity, followed up by a racket in the canopy and *LOUD* wood knocks just 40 yards away, yeah, I do believe these guys cloak themselves and move through dimensions with ease.

The remote wilderness plays by a different set of rules than the gossip, news, commutes, jobs and human drama played out in cities and suburbs. Any person who has spent even a little bit of time 10, 20 or 50 miles away from human beings in a deep forest understands how weird, strange things and beings exist in the far off places of the world.

Get Over Yourself

I got over myself and my fear of being labelled a loon by strengthening my mind, by facing my fears and by gaining inspiration from clear, confident people who shared their honest Sasquatch encounters, including the supernatural cloaking and dimension-hopping incidents.

I realized how the most people who'd label me as being crazy would be frightened, scared individuals too terrified to walk into a remote forest at dusk with no human beings for miles around. A few hunters may call me a loon, but those are always the types who say stuff like:

“I have hunted there for 40 years and saw nothing out of the ordinary.”

As if these hunters spent 350,400 hours (40 years) positioned completely over the 6 million acres of the Adirondacks, watching every square inch with their eagle-eyes. Nah; I do not fear anyone who calls me crazy because only people crazy with fear, living in their comfort zone, call sane, clear-thinking, honest people, crazy.

Get over yourself. Share your honest experiences with the world. Be bold. The world needs more people who share their truths in order to nudge us out of the fear-illusion strangle-hold of news cycles, politics and all those topics a select few tell us are very important.

Telling your genuine story is important. Never fear sharing inspirational thought with the world, even if friends and family think you are crazy for being loving, caring and compassionate in a scared, combative, judgmental world.

As you get over the fear of being labeled as a crazy person you will align with more truthful, clear, bold folks who lift up the world, too, through their inspiration and less than conventional experiences.

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