Allow Life to Be Your Mirror

by Ryan Biddulph

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My work day is not beginning in earnest until 3:30 PM.

I did publish one blog post before life…..as they say…..intervened.

In truth, I had to do a few things to prep for future travels. My wife helped me get my passport ready for mailing. Expires in February of 2021. She prepped the paperback but I had to go to CVS to get passport photos taken. Long lines. Really long lines. Labor Day weekend.

After standing in long lines at the Post Office we mailed the thingee. But we had to visit the grocery store to buy drain cleaner for the standing water situation in the kitchen sink. Yep; tried all types of solutions. None worked.

Hence, me beginning my work day at 3:30 PM.


I know we have to prep the house for the homeowners tomorrow. Kelli and I have been house sitting for the month prior. 

We head upstate to enjoy a sweet little AirBnb, but today and tomorrow seem to be jam-packed with preparing the house for the owners, who arrive tomorrow night.

As I checked out with my wife at the grocery store I felt impatience welling up in my being. People here in this region of NY state do not move nearly as fast as the folks in my region of NJ. We are basically NYC people in terms of speed, efficiency and effectiveness.

Being a wise guy, I naturally scanned stuff quickly enough to muck up the scanning station. Nothing worked. I slowed down. Everything worked.

Clogged drains, slow-moving rural folks and passport mailings reflected my mind back to me.

My impatience manifest in response to maintaining a highly busy offline schedule. I am busy enough online. Feeling crammed-busy offline stressed me a little bit. I do not want to be awake at 3:30 AM tonight getting work done because we have a 3 hour ride tomorrow to our next destination.

Reflect……to Reflect

Driving home from the grocery store, I slowly, patiently and calmly began to reflect – aka think – on how life’s circumstances from my day reflected my state of mind back to me.

I love my blogging work. But I also got a little too attached to it earlier today. I am OK with both feeling attached and admitting I feel attached. But I also forgive myself of the fear-attachment fast to get back to working, enjoying life offline and assessing how I genuinely think and feel about the circumstances in my life.

Give yourself a bit of time daily to reflect on how life reflects your mind back to you. Annoying people reflect mind impatience back to you. Long lines reflect the fear of wasting time back to you.

Every person and every situation reflects your mind back to you. Life serves as a mirror. What you see in other people is what you see in yourself. How you think about situations reflects the thoughts and feelings you choose to feed into your mind.

Stop blaming people, places or circumstances for your frame of mind because your mind is on you and in you.

Before you blame anything or anyone, look in the mirror to see what life reflects back to you, about yourself and your mind.

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Ryan Biddulph

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