1 Sign of Growth

by Ryan Biddulph

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Look around you. What do most people seem to fear? Do you fear what most of them fear? Honestly assess yourself. Own your fears.

Noting how what scares humanity tends not to scare you signals growth. Grow out of stronger fears into lesser fears. Own growth. Hug your progress. Imagine harboring a deep fear of losing money, health and property. Until you face, feel and release each fear you engineer your life to ensure you never need to face, feel and release each fear. What follows? Get a job. Pay bills. Get health insurance. Phew. Now you never need to worry about starving, being homeless or dying because you cannot afford a hospital bill.

Clinging to survival fears stops growth. How can you grow if you live mainly to cover your survival needs? Assess your mindset. Decide to grow out of survival fears into lesser fears. Face strong, primal survival fears. Feel the panic. Proceed to grow into lesser fears.

Fears Change with Growth

10 years ago I deeply feared starving to death, being homeless and dying penniless. Why? I had only worked jobs prior to beginning my blogging business. I covered all the basics. I never addressed, faced and released these strong fears because I always had money to pay bills, to put food on the table, to put a roof over my head and I had health benefits to address any sickness or disease issues.

A series of events unfolded after I became an entrepreneur forcing me to face my primal fears. Either I faced the fears and became a professional entrepreneur or avoided the fears and went back to working a 9-5 job to cover my survival needs. I faced the fears. I felt the energies. I proceeded to not be burdened by these terrors.

But I still had – and have – ample fears to face. Lesser fears like feeling ashamed, feeling embarrassed or losing friends dance around in my mind from time to time. Fearing friend loss feels a wee less intense than fearing death by starvation.

Fears change with growth. Lesser fears evolve after facing deeper fears.

Celebrate your growth by noting fewer fears in your mind. Appreciate growth by observing lesser fears in your being. Imagine leaving a 9-5 job to become an entrepreneur. Fears of poverty, sickness and criticism likely flood your mind. But look back to see how many fears you overcame on this fun, freeing and sometimes uncomfortable entrepreneur journey.

Fear Graduation

Note graduating from certain fears. Perhaps you harbored a deep terror of getting sick and dying because you did not care for your mental and physical health. Facing, feeling and release this deep fear urged you to exercise, meditate and do yoga. Now you cling to a much lesser fear of edging out of your comfort zone a bit too far during mental and physical wellness sessions.

Congratulate yourself on your fear graduation. Moving from the deep fear of getting sick and dying on to the fear of edging too far outside of your comfort zone indicates significant growth.

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Ryan Biddulph

Ryan Biddulph helps you learn how to blog at Blogging From Paradise.

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