1 Advanced Way to Reframe Negative Reviews

by Ryan Biddulph

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Humans tend to play small with their business, blog and brand for fear of someone criticizing them. Few humans enjoy receiving negative reviews.

But one advanced technique helps you to reframe negative reviews.

Note; clear, confident, genuine people largely in control of their minds are the only folks who can use this approach. Being unclear, doubting yourself and being inauthentic make it impossible to use this strategy. Having little control of your mind makes this tip impossible to follow.

Negative Reviews Sprout from an Illusion

See negative reviews as something totally *not* real.

Love is real. Fear is illusion. Most people never understand this basic truth. I wrestle with it from time to time but finally am getting the hang of what Jesus and all seers and adepts have taught for centuries.

Imagine someone who publishes a negative review in response to your eBook. The reviewer felt fear-pain – illusion – and attempted to project their fear-pain-illusion onto you.

Why would you get upset, feel afraid or worry about losing your reputation or business, based on a fear-pain-illusion-projection in someone else's mind? Why of course, the fear-illusion in your mind creates these not real scenarios.

I told you guys; this is an advanced approach.

Clear Confident Genuine People Only

Imagine if someone publishes a 1 star review in response to one of my eBooks.

I clearly, confidently, genuinely share honest, practical tips I followed to retire to a life of island hopping through smart blogging. Nobody can invalidate any of these loving realities with their fear, which is not real. Negative reviewers – in their illusion-delusion of fear-pain-projection – say with their 1 star review:

“He did a horrible job explaining how to retire to a life of island hopping through smart blogging even though I have no idea how he retired to a life of island hopping through smart blogging, because I was not over his shoulder for the past decade of his life.”

I am clear, confident and genuine in all I do online so any negative review of me or my business reflects the illusion that the negative reviewer was over my shoulder during my entire journey over the past decade, pointing out what I missed, what I lied about and what I do not know.

Negative reviewers are insane to the clear, confident, honest entrepreneur because in their delusion-illusion of fear they appear to know something that never happened.

I write an eBook with the attitude: here is what I honestly experienced to live my dreams.

Negative reviewers say: no, you did not experience this.

Ego is insane.

Why Do People Shudder at Getting Negative Reviews?

Fear. Fear in mind creates the illusion you can actually lose something or someone through negative reviews. But feeling fear in mind and releasing fear reveals fear is not real, loss is illusion and scarcity is impossible in an abundant Universe.

It's Not About Your eBook

Your eBook reflected something back to the negative reviewer that they dislike about self since we are all connected. We are one with each other. Everyone mirrors you back to you.

I do not get caught up in the illusion of fear, mostly. None of it is real. Negative reviews are not real because fear is an illusion. What happens if 10 people Like a negative review on Amazon? Nothing. 10 people got lost in the hologram of fear, in something not real. Who cares?

What is real? Love. Abundance. Riches. Wealth. Gratitude. Being in greater control of your mind allows you to see what's real – love – in order to generously serve people from a grateful illusion. What happens next? Greater worldly success, freedom and happiness meets you because you saw through the illusion of negative reviews and spent all of your time and energy serving people who love what you do.

About the Author 

Ryan Biddulph

Ryan Biddulph helps you learn how to blog at Blogging From Paradise.

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