Why 2020 Will Be a Powerful Year for Humanity

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2020 has been ALL about this: it's time to pay the fear piper.

2020 will be a powerful year for humanity because human beings have been FORCED to face, feel and release their fears via a series of global experiences. People in the USA looked to bottles, pills and general distractions to avoid facing their deepest fears, being immersed in the illusions of freedom, power and other first world appearances.

Guess what? I observed more dependable, reliable, emergency room services in a developing nation like India when I was rushed to the hospital in 2013, then I observed in NYC during the height of the current situation.

Americans – like the rest of the world – have been forced to face their fears, head on, dead on, because now people need to feel their fears of death, illness and loneliness, unlike any time in human history.

Fears Across the Board

Ditto for fears fueling racism, prejudice and all forms of racial or cultural ignorance. Human beings need to see and feel why some humans fear other humans based solely on skin color or cultural differences. 2020 forced humans to address their fears fueling both their prejudice, and, their disgusted fears of feeling less than. Both forms of fear fuel racism from both sides of the fence.

But something beautiful is happening in 2020; the world's biggest problems are slowly but surely being deconstructed and dissolved because fears fueling these problems arise to the surface this year, versus humans burying these fears, more than any year I have experienced during my 45 years on planet earth.

Now that humans beings face, feel and release fears, we can live more from energies of love, harmony, peace and One-ness. Right now, everything appears to be messy because humanity feels unused to facing, feeling and releasing fear, on a macro level. People seem to be lashing out in rage, terror and panic. Human beings so afraid to get sick and die that they bury themselves in their homes for 6 months now seem to be facing the fear piper, liberating themselves from their fears that caused them to hole up in their homes for a half year.

Fear Purge

2020 continues to purge fear on a mass scale unlike we have seen. Less humans living from fear means more humans living from love. Adepts like Christ and Buddha taught you and I how living from love solves all the world's problems because living from love encourages forgiveness, and letting go human beings reveals we all belong to one another, being connected, one living presence. People solve problems quickly once fear leaves mind and dissolves into love. Obstacles dissolve into opportunities for love, service, growth and richness.

What scares you? Feel it. Do not project the fear onto human beings. Do not blame anybody because it is YOUR fear, not anything outside of you. Engage in this simple practice to begin exploring YOUR fears concerning death, sickness, skin color and other fears mass triggered in 2020.

Facing, feeling and releasing your personal, intimate fears helps you see through the illusion of 2020. What fear says is the worst year ever truthfully allowed humanity to turn a critical corner as we shift from fear, poverty and scarcity to love, wealth and abundance.

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I read a paragraph in “A Course in Miracles” a few moments ago. The Voice aka “author” 😉 noted how every good teacher intends to give his students so much of his own learning that they will not need him one day. As always, the infinite wisdom channeled to this world remains spot on. Observe

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