What Priceless Lesson Does Nature Teach You?

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I have hiked through the forest for the past 3 weeks with my wife.

We have seen deer, bald eagles and even heard a coyote calling in the backyard a few days ago. Being stirred out of a sound sleep at 4:50 AM to hear this guy howling 20 yards from the house fascinated me.

Upstate New York is basically one 55,000 square mile forest with a few decent-sized cities in between.

Hiking around this green paradise, nature imparted a priceless lesson I have learned and embodied over the past decade.

Be the person to become the person.

Observing trees, grass, deer and eagles has revealed all forms of flora and fauna are just being the flora and fauna. The massive trees in the backyard do not talk themselves out of being massive trees. Trees have no mind. Trees cannot change their mind. All trees can do is be trees. 

Ditto for the juvenile bald eagles we saw sitting by the reservoir. None tried to be hawks, or fish or anything other than a bald eagle. Bald eagles are just being bald eagles, effortlessly.

Ego Interference

You and I seem blessed because we can be anything we intend to be through the power of mind. 

But the blessing usually dissolves into a curse because most human beings change their minds routinely, every hour of every day. Even worse? Human beings tend to become human doings. 

People stop being the person they intend to be in order to do stuff conditionally, being a different person, emitting energetic cross currents. Struggle and failure follows.

For example; I had to BE a professional blogger by generously helping people for 1000’s of hours, expecting nothing in return, before money flowed in and I BECAME a professional blogger. But 8 out of 10 bloggers never makes $100 during their entire online career. Why?

Most bloggers BE a pro blogger for 2 weeks, generously helping people, releasing expectations, until panic sets in after observing 0 blogging profits and 2 blog visitors a day. Said bloggers bail on being a pro blogger and begin being a desperate, panicked, amateur blogger, DOING whatever they can wildly to get even a penny of profits. Struggle and failure follows.

How do you overcome this common barrier to living your dreams?

Be the Person to Unearth Your Fears

Be the person you intend to be. Organically, being the person unearths deep fears. Versus resisting the fears and changing your being or panicking and changing your being, literally, be with the fears.

Feel the energies. Cry. Feel depressed. Feel frustrated. Clear the fears. Proceed to be the person you intend to be.

Every happy, compassionate, generous, liberated person who lives their dreams had to be the person before becoming the person. Nobody takes short cuts. Nobody gets a pass.

Everyone who lives their dreams simply be’s that person for 1000’s of hours, wading through and feeling deep fears while following their fun, in order to become the person.

Take a lesson from nature. Dream. Picture your ideal life. Then get busy being that person for years, remaining true to your vision no matter what.

Eventually, you will live your dreams as you stay on course and keep being that person.

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