What Is the Biggest Downside to Not Facing Your Fear?

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No. Not the “leave your mortal coil” type death. Although in some cases, expiration of your body occurs quickly after not facing your deepest fears for a while.

I am talking about dying more daily.

Every fear you do not face festers in your being and influences you to do stuff that accelerates the dying process and decelerates – and even completely stops – the living process. Every fear-driven choice you make accelerates the dying process because if you do not live with love, you die from fear.

Being House Bound

Imagine being deeply scared of getting sick and dying. News headlines play on this fear.

Being filled with fear and not wanting to face the joint fears of getting sick and dying, you remain house bound, lock yourself in your home and feel relieved because you avoided facing the fears of getting sick and dying.

But you *are* dying because any human being who locks themselves in their home for 6 months:

  • cuts themselves off from critical human contact for a half year; being social creatures, humans thrive on in person social interaction
  • lowers their income, in the case of employees or entrepreneurs who fear going to an office for fear of getting sick and dying; living in poverty accelerates the dying process because losing money guarantees your enslavement to politicians, government assistance and other people and things
  • chooses not to seize life, not to live freely, not to chase their dreams and not to soak up what life has to offer

If You Are Not Living You Are Dying

I observed a few folks during my human experience who chose to die more daily by choosing not to live more daily. Fear scared these folks to make frightened, dying-promoting, decisions.

Every time you fear moving toward your dreams and act on the fear, you move an inch closer to death. Every time you remain firmly planted inside of your comfort zone because you fear leaving this wretched cave, you move an inch closer to death. Every time you choose to do something based on your fears, you move an inch closer to death.

If you are not choosing to live by:

  • making decisions based on love, not fear
  • leaving your comfort zone daily
  • generously serving humanity
  • diving into your fears

you are dying a little bit more daily.

Even if you *appear* to be healthy, fit and well, this appearance is an illusion if you duck your fears because living in survival mode is a distinct form of dying. Working a job you hate because you fear going broke and losing health benefits (because you fear getting sick and dying) is death because when your heart does stop beating, it will be a formality.

Follow Your Fun into Your Fears

Do something you have fun doing. Edge through your fears. Keep going.

Facing, feeling and releasing fears:

  • feels liberating
  • inspires you to make freeing decisions
  • moves you toward greater life
  • influences you to shine brightly for others

Why die a little more each day when you can live a little more each day?

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