What Is Definitely the Most Expensive Mistake You Will Ever Make?

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People deeply fear making expensive choices for the sheer horror of losing great deals of money. Folks fear giving money without getting anything appreciable in return.

But most people have absolutely no idea that honoring the fear of spending money or giving of your time and talents is the most expensive mistake one can make. For every penny, dollar and c-note you save, you forfeit fun, freedom, liberation and peace of mind by NOT giving freely of your money, time and talents.

$10 Fear Means 5 Year Nightmare

For example, some people fear spending $10 on an eBook designed to help them build a thriving online business. For the $10 you save you lose the opportunity to build your online business the right way, starting now. After spending 5 years struggling like mad to become a professional blogger you finally see how you made the most incredibly expensive mistake of your life: you traded 5 years of happiness, freedom, peace of mind and generous service for saving $10.

Does this sound insane? It is. Even worse? I see this situation unfold thousands of times, being a pro blogger for a decade. Bloggers fear spending $350 for a blogging course because a little north of 3 bills is too expensive. But after struggling like heck for 2 years to blog successfully, earning 0 profits, the nightmarish regret of wasting 2 years of your life over 350 dollars feels like eating 50 gallons of hot sauce and washing it down with 30 espressos.

As the hellish burn eats away at your stomach, gnawing at your gut, you realize the true meaning of expensive is living an unhappy, mediocre life because you fear giving of your time, talents and money.

Thank Goodness I Gave

I thank the lucky stars I gave freely of my time, talent and money over the past decade of my life. I feel the freedom of circling the globe as a pro blogger. I inspire bloggers to follow my lead. Imagine if 10 years ago I feared spending $7 per month on my hosting and $14 a year for my domain? I would have made the most expensive mistake of my life in trading $100 in savings for a decade of freedom as I circled the globe. 

Would saving the $1000’s I invested in my blog for the past decade have been worth NOT living in Fiji for 4 months? Imagine if I saved thousands of blogging work hours over the past decade by not giving freely of my time and talents? I would have returned to my security guard job and enjoyed watching TV and going to the gym – prior favorite past times – but never would have taken 5 trips to Bali spread out over a year, collectively.

Forget making the foolish mistake of gauging an expensive mistake as judging the money you spend, lose or invest in some venture. Imagine what you are not getting, experiencing or enjoying because you fear giving freely of your time, talents and money. 

We all know plenty of folks who rarely if ever made the allegedly expensive mistake of giving freely of their time, talents and money. None are happy. None are free. Perhaps they save oodles of money but when death knocks on their door, the formality of transitioning to the ethers feels like a welcome relief to the monotony and boredom of their lives.

Never fear giving money, time and service to any venture.

Be absolutely terrified about what you will not GET in terms of peace of mind, happiness, freedom and fulfilling experiences because you fear giving of your time, talents and money.

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Ryan Biddulph

Ryan Biddulph helps you learn how to blog at Blogging From Paradise.

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