What I Learned from Sitting in a Druid or Viking or Alien or Native American Stone Chamber

by Ryan Biddulph

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OK guys….on the title:

The Mysterious Stone Chambers of Putnam County New York

I covered the topic a few weeks ago after I arrived to New York. But I actually sat inside of a stone chamber today for the first time with my wife Kelli.

The tomb-like building looked similar to this one down the road from us:

Over 200 stone chambers dot Putnam County, New York State, where we are spending a month right now. No one knows who built the chambers. Theories include Druids, Aliens or Native Americans. Some believe vikings built the chambers.

After sitting inside of the chamber I became astounded at the skill of building such a set up. Stone slabs ranging from likely 30 pounds to well over a ton in some cases, neatly stacked and meticulously balanced, all without mortar or any sign of modern masonry. Impressive!

Whoever built these either had access to massive man power, astounding technology or ancient magic.

I learned a few lessons from my experience today.

Pressure Builds Diamonds

Instantly, both my wife and I felt heavy, strong pressure on our bodies after we entered the chamber. In a non-claustrophobic way, the walls seemed to be pushing energy onto us. I cannot explain it in words; you'd need to sit inside the chamber with an open heart center, to feel it.

Sensations of relief followed. Whatever energy working us over did so to create a relaxed, open vibe in our beings.

We all know diamonds seem borne of intense pressure. But humans also become gems after being pressurized. Every immense talent I developed seemed stoked after suffering some tremendous hardship in my life. My most horrific nightmares put me under enough pressure to squeeze skills out of me I'd never imagined I'd unearth, let alone, develop.

Whatever pressure you feel now, know that it seeks to reveal the illusory you to the Real you.

Open Your Heart Center for a Truthful Experience

I opened my heart center to send love to any and all sentient beings who designed and built the stone chamber before entering. Setting a heart-centered intent allowed a truthful experience to unfold.

If I mindlessly plowed into the chamber with my mind-ego calling the shots, rude judgments would have followed. Perhaps I'd have noticed the space was chilly, damp, a bit stinky and guaranteed, I'd have experienced absolutely zero energetic sensations. Ego is like that; it sees illusions, what is not there, versus tuning into Truth and Love.

Open your heart center to begin every day. Meditate. Do yoga. Offer a heart felt prayer to treat people you meet with loving-kindness. Not only will you feel good as you cruise through your day; you will also experience Truth, harmony and Love through virtually all of your interactions because where your intent, attention and energy goes, grows.

The Intangible Is As Real As the Tangible

My experience of energy-pressurizing, buzzing and humming inside of the chamber flowed from the intangible. Save quantum physics, much of science deals with tangible things, concept and ideas human beings can see and touch.

My experience was real. Everything in the intangible is True. But human beings thinking from the level of mind-fear immediately dismiss real, intangible experiences as being “in their mind” for fear of being criticized, manifest as the fear of people believing you to be crazy.

The invisible world is real just like the physical world is real. Honor your intuition because it knows the way. Trust your gut. Learn to observe your feelings. Your life will improve dramatically when you learn to treat the intangible world as being as real, true and dependable as the physical world.

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