Top 5 Online Recruitment Mistakes To Avoid

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Recruitment has moved online. With a whole host of online platforms and social media channels to choose from, posting an available job has never been easier. Yet, recruiters may be making some simple mistakes without realizing, which leave potential candidates feeling frustrated or bailing out before they have even had an interview. Here are 5 recruitment mistakes and how to avoid them.

Too Much Confidentiality, Not Enough Transparency

Recruitment companies often have nondisclosure protocols with the companies they are working with that they have to adhere to. However, this commonly leads to recruiters approaching candidates with little, if any, information about the company itself, the exact job specification, or the salary. This can result in candidates becoming suspicious and even deciding to withdraw their application. Instead, ensure all relevant information is shared properly with candidates.

The Wrong Skillset

It is common for recruiters to focus on the skills that the employer they are hiring for requires from a candidate. But the skills that a candidate has put forward may not always be the ones they require for the job or even the skills that they are looking to develop further. A more practical approach is to make sure that recruiters clearly understand the job role before trying to forcefully sell the position to potential candidates. Pay close attention to the candidates’ needs and what type of job roles and skillsets they are most interested in to ensure that when you approach them, you actually have an offer they won’t want to refuse.

Imprecise Job Descriptions

Being concise and transparent about the job role and the responsibilities involved is essential. Recruiters need to ensure that the job description is accurate to attract the best candidate. Using redundant terms often reflects inaccuracy and has the potential to make a candidate lose interest in the job role, as well as the company. “Similarly, unnecessary boasting about the position will lead to dissatisfaction of the hired candidate once they are in the workplace, whilst putting down additional benefits and perks the candidate may enjoy will likely lead to candidates losing interest in the position,” says Hannah Gilliam, an HR at State Of Writing and Dissertation writing services reviews.

Failing To Follow Up

Keeping candidates informed of their progress once the recruitment process has begun is key to forging good relationships and promoting recruiters’ reputation. Often, candidates who have been shortlisted for a position but are then unsuccessful tend to be ghosted and are not given any further information about the status of their hiring process. This can be extremely frustrating and disheartening for candidates, who will be less likely to look to that recruiter in the future. A better approach is for recruiters to keep in touch with candidates about the status of their application. If time constraints are an issue, then it is good practice to send an email informing the candidate that if they don’t hear back from you within a set number of days, they should assume that they have not been hired, or been unsuccessful at this time.

Failure To Personalize Emails

Failing to personalize emails to candidates can negatively impact a recruiter. Using cliched lines, such as “I was impressed with your background” or “your profile matches the job description”, as well as including the wrong candidate’s name on an email can damage trust in your recruitment firm. Candidates who are happy with how they have been approached and the type of communication they receive are likely to recommend a recruitment company or website to other candidates. “Although you might be dealing with hundreds of applicants every day, spending a few minutes to personalize your emails and ensure that you are sending all the correct information to the right person can lead to much more positive results, better relationships with candidates and ultimately, a better reputation,” explains Sam Kit, a writer at Studydemic and Essay Services.


It is essential that you tailor your recruitment strategy to each social channel and online platform appropriately. This will help to ensure that you target and attract the best candidate for each role. Listening to candidates’ feedback during the application process and acting on it to make changes and improve your approach can significantly help to improve your recruitment approach. Similarly, considering the needs of candidates and taking a proactive approach to this can help boost your reputation and lead to better quality candidates turning to you in the future.

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