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Look in the Mirror Before Criticizing a Titan

I read how Jeff Bezos’ net worth reached $200 billion recently.

He seemed to be admired by many and equally loathed by many, too.

Some complained about one person controlling so much of the world’s wealth. Others moaned about unfair working conditions for Amazon employees. Others criticized his sometimes competitive business-building practices.

Guess what?

Every critic should look in the mirror before blasting a titan.

We see the world as we see ourselves.

Mirror Time

Beware the moment you feel urges to criticize a titan.

Everything you say about him or her resides in YOUR mind. Guess who’s responsible for thoughts and feelings in your mind? Not Jeff Bezos. You. Guess who generated those thoughts and feelings? You. Bezos triggered 'em but you own them. Guess who’s the greedy, selfish, person? You.

Every human being mirrors back to us what we see in self because we are all connected. All life forms are one. Naturally, if you generate thoughts in your mind and you charge your thoughts with feelings, the titan you criticize has nothing to do with your problems. You have everything to do with your problems.

Dissect Your Judgment

Does it seem unfair that one human being could be worth $200 billion?

Did *you* give decades of your life spanning 1000’s upon 1000’s of hours to building up a business selling books from a garage to being worth $200 billion? Jeff Bezos did.

Life is not fair or unfair. Life is what you make of it. Look in the mirror. Life proceeds with perfect precision based on the attention and energy you dole out.

Do you think Bezos needs to share his massive wealth? Then you need to share your wealth. Stop being stingy, greedy and self-centered because the Amazon titan mirrored your greediness, stinginess and selfishness back to you. Stop criticizing the guy and start generously serving humanity. Criticism dissolves the moment you cease judging others and begin loving and serving other people.

See the Good

I get it. Bezos and Mark Z do likely employ some competitive practices to build their businesses, based on fear. FB in particular engages in shenanigans. But focus on the predominant good each platform produces for humanity to understand why each titan is wealthy and why humanity largely feels good about reaping the sweet benefits of using each platform.

My mother-in-law passed recently after a particularly brutal, year long illness. She derived joy buying products through Amazon. She became so crippled over the past year that she barely left the house and over the last 2 months of her life, she could basically not leave the bed or couch. Amazon made it easy for her to feel good about showering gifts on her beloved grandchild, my niece, Leah.

Bezos has created the greatest convenience in civilization. Mark Z. gave humanity a tool for connecting with grammar school buddies you have not talked to in 40 years, and he also gave 2 billion humans a platform for being heard, for having a voice.

Amazon and Facebook have some kinks to work out but have largely been agents for good, for convenience and for offering humanity both freedom and a reminder to the one-ness we really are.

Seeing the good in titans lets you see the good in yourself. Greater peace of mind, love, happiness and freedom follows.

Ryan Biddulph

Ryan Biddulph inspires you with courses, 100 plus eBooks, audio books and his blog at Blogging From Paradise.