Is Watching the News Important?

by Ryan Biddulph

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Learning how to control your thoughts and feelings is important.

Developing the skill of controlling your thoughts and feelings is important because doing so lets you:

  • follow your passion
  • conquer fear
  • listen to your intuition clearly
  • implicitly trust your intuition
  • harmonize the world

Watching the news is unimportant because once you do the important thing of controlling your thoughts and feelings, directing these energies toward love, fun, health, wealth and harmony, the news becomes irrelevant. The news become obsolete.

News Becomes Worthless

Imagine if the news media uses fear – like always – to try to scare you into believing some dis-ease will make you sick and kill you. Feeding on your fear, the news and government scares you into wearing cheap, thin pieces of cloth and distancing yourself 6 feet from humans.

If you control your thoughts and feelings, largely conquering your own fears, you quickly, clearly and easily see how dis-ease is best avoided by:

  • facing your fears of disease and death
  • feeling your fears of disease and death
  • releasing your fears of disease and death
  • getting 8 hours of sleep each evening
  • eating a balanced, nutritious diet rich with fruits and veggies
  • exercising for 45-60 minutes daily
  • doing yoga
  • meditating

Following the prior tips strengthens your immune system powerfully. Building up your immune system keeps you healthy and disease-free. Being disease-free makes wearing masks and avoiding human beings moot because when you are healthy, you cannot carry a disease that makes you or other people sick. Only people who fear disease or study disease – making themselves and other humans more prone to disease through their own intimate fears – believe that a spirit in a body can actually make people sick, and, kill other spirits in bodies.

If you fear dis-ease, sickness will follow you around like a little puppy and you will wear cheap cloth masks and distance yourselves from human beings who you fear making you sick, and who you fear infecting. But if you deeply, genuinely care for mind FIRST, then your body, you will be happy, healthy, fit, well and dis-ease free, because we are designed to be perfectly healthy, and it takes a great deal of delusion and fear-burying to get really sick.

If you are dis-ease free, the news becomes unimportant because you will be healthy, not sick, and news of sickness does not interest healthy people. Ditto for every single news headline because 99.99% of the time, the news uses fear to try to manipulate you into doing stuff like:

  • following the news
  • voting for certain politicians
  • making critical life decisions based on fearing sickness, death and the loss of money, as well as the loss of love

But conquering your mind, a newspaper may as well become toilet paper, for you. All of the answers are in your heart, not in the minds of a few manipulative human beings with worldly power. All of the answers flow from your intuition. Any answer you need exists within. Strengthening your mind and body gives you every answer you need to be happy, healthy, wealthy, generous, skilled and loving.

What About Laws?

Local, state and national laws can be found both on websites and in public settings. Local stores advise you to wear masks on storefronts. Government websites list laws. No need to follow the news to be up to date on laws because if a law genuinely affects your life, the news will reach you through human beings, public advisories or government websites.

Once you master your mind and figure out all answers to life's pressing problems flow from within, the negativity and fear-mongering of the news becomes 100% moot. Only the genuinely scared believe otherwise but hey, that's their fear-problem, not yours.


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