Everybody Genuinely Does the Best They Can

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Years ago, I worked a job to pay bills, lifted weights and watched TV during down time. I chilled with my friends on weekends. At the time, I was doing the best I could do based on my level of awareness. 

But after my employer downsized me from my security guard job, my awareness expanded by meditating daily. I became aware of fears long buried. These fears scared me into working jobs in order to avoid going broke, running out of food and being homeless. I also feared leaving my comfort zone for the horror of being criticized and rejected.

Feeling each fear felt rough but clearing each fear allowed me to follow my fun and to face, feel and release other deep fears. Eventually, I became a professional blogger who circled the globe after 1000’s of blogging and mindset training hours. The only difference? I expanded my level of awareness through a diligent spiritual practice.

The best I do now appears to dwarf the old me and his best effort but this is an illusion. I simply always do – and did – the best I can based on my level of awareness.

Ditto for every human being.

Everybody Does the Best They Can Based on Their Level of Awareness

Every human being right now does the best they can based on their level of awareness. Some people appear to hurt other people but based on fear-repression and pain-suppression, the best repressed and suppressed human beings can do is to project their pain onto other human beings, while doing some good, too. At that, some of these human beings who appear to divide humanity, to bicker and to fight simply believe they are doing good, because they are doing the best they can do, based on the deep fear and pain buried in their being.

Even people who APPEAR (illusion) to be absolute monsters try to do the best they can do based on their level of awareness. 

Most human beings are unaware of their fears. Not being aware of your fears guarantees that you make most if not all of your choices based on fears you choose to bury deep in your being. Guess what happens next? It ain’t pretty.

Humanity largely lives in a state of suffering, defensiveness, agitation and chaos – the news proves this – because they do not expand their awareness to face, feel and release their fears…..BUT…..every single human being is doing the best they can do, based on their level of awareness. People who appear to live nightmares do the best they can, based on fears buried, and based on their awareness.


Understanding how everybody simply does the best they can based on their level of awareness helps you treat all human beings with compassion, forgiveness and non-judgment. 

I recall seeing dear loved ones suffering horribly from illnesses as they either passed away or fell into the depths of terminal disease. Each person did – or does – the best they can, based on their level of awareness. 

Instead of needlessly judging people I loved for not taking care of their body and mind, I realized they could only live a human experience aligned with their level of awareness. Someone who does not love self for long-buried, resisted fears never takes care of self mentally, and physically, laughing off the notion of exercising.

While the same person suffers immensely during a wickedly vicious, long term illness, the sufferer appears to be ignorant, believes life is unfair, and rails at their luck, but that is par for their course because based on their level of awareness, they are doing the best they can.

Before you judge a politician, pundit or parent, understand how the individual simply does the best they can, based on their level of awareness. Not only does it feel good to cease judging folks, you also teach humanity how to evolve out of its primordial fear state toward who we really are, expanding the collective awareness of human beings.

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Ryan Biddulph

Ryan Biddulph helps you learn how to blog at Blogging From Paradise.

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