Do Your Own Thinking Every Moment of Every Day

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Think for yourself right now.

Do your own thinking.

Pulling back for just a little bit, it becomes easy to see everyone has an agenda. Big business has an agenda. Government has an agenda. The news? Big time agenda. Politicians have a strong agenda, too.

Big business, the news media, government and politicians may or may not have your best interests at heart. The key is to do your own thinking to realize when someone or some entity wants to manipulate you with your fears, versus someone or some entity empowering you with love to be more, to have more, and to do more, for the betterment of humanity.

Yikes…..down the rabbit hole we go…..

The News

OK guys; doing YOUR OWN thinking right now, in a relaxed, calm setting, watch 5 minutes of the news. Go ahead. Do it. Or read 5 minutes of the news.

Do news headlines seem to want to manipulate you with fear? Or do news headlines seem to want to empower you with love? You need to observe the news, process the news and do your own thinking to understand what's going on, here.

Doing your own thinking does not immunize you from news headlines. Doing your own thinking does you even one better; you step out of the hellish plane of fear, chaos, confusion, poverty, race-baiting, injustice, and the absolute nightmare of turning human beings against each other to move toward a higher plane, well beyond the illusion of fear.

I do respect how the news has to do what the news has to do. But I do not give my attention and energy to the news because…..I do my own thinking. I do not allow the news to think for me.

Think for Yourself

If you believe the news or politicians, you forfeit your precious power of thought and hand over this cherished gift to people who largely tell you that the world is an evil, nightmarish place. But if you think for yourself, the world is beautiful, harmonious and loving.


Where your attention and energy goes, grows. Give your thoughts to good-feeling vibes like love, generous service and harmony, and each grows in your human experience.

The split second you wake up, no one holds a gun to your head, demanding you watch and trust the news. You THINK to watch the news then follow up on that thought by choosing to watch the news.

How do you break this nasty habit? Think for yourself. Do not follow the news. Do not allow the news, politicians, big business or big pharma to think for you, because the bigger the worldly entity, the more the organization uses fear to manipulate you, in most cases.

Do your own thinking.

Uncomfortable But Freeing

Doing your own thinking feels uncomfortable at first because you need to challenge what you thought about the world, prior, and how you lived your life based on that level of thinking, prior. But wading through these unpleasant emotions allows a different experience to unfold for you, right before your very eyes.

I even see the blessing in the chaos of those living a worldly life, right now. Human beings are slowly but surely finding clarity even if the process appears to be messy.

The news, politicians, government and big business are playing their roles too, doing what they believe they need to do to keep the world together, safe, comfortable and secure.

I simply prefer to do my own thinking and invite you to do the same to liberate yourself.

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One of my favorite practices is to watch versus reacting.  Today at the store, I observed interactions between different people. Versus reacting to anything the people said or did I simply observed both the individuals and my projections or perceptions of the experience.  Life genuinely gets easier if you observe and release versus reacting to

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