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I am a hoops nut.

I have followed the game from the high school level to the NBA for 40 years.

About 10 years ago, I diligently followed St. Patrick high school in my native New Jersey. I knew the head coach, principle and AD. Turns out, this became one of the most influential high school hoops power houses in the country. Future NBA stars Al Harrington, Kyrie Irving and NBA role player Sam Dalembert all attended Pat’s.

But a decade ago, the #1 player in the US played at Pat’s. Michael Gilchrist was touted as a future lottery pick…and he was. But Michael began attracting perhaps the most powerful man in sports at the time to his games: William Wesley, aka Worldwide Wes.

Why Was He There?

What the heck was Wes doing at St. Patrick games? Turns out, he played high school hoops in the same conference as Michael’s dad. Michael being an NBA prospect sure did not hurt, either. He bonded with Michael, became a great friend and advisor and one more future NBA player became part of this influential power broker’s friend network.

Worldwide Wes built a few connections after playing high school hoops in Southern New Jersey but he began his rise while working as a salesperson at a sneaker store. Wes befriended a few 76’ers – who played across the river in Philly – and made inroads. Now, decades later, he recently got hired to work for the NY Knicks. 

No one specifically knows what Wes does. He is a man of mystery who simply has been labelled an advisor. But no one can debate that he is the most connected man in basketball – from high school, to college, to the pros – and during the heyday of Lebron, Carmelo Anthony and Dwayne Wade (all close friends of his) being the top 3 players in the world, he definitely was the most powerful man in all of sports.

Celebrity Friend Network

Scanning his buddy photos online reveals a who’s who of celebrities from snaps with Michael Jordan, Bill Clinton and Lebron James. Every one has Wes on their phone.

How did he do it? How did he go from working in a sneaker store to being one of the most powerful people in sports who's befriended some of the most powerful people in the world? He became one of the most connected people on earth by mastering the art of relationship building. He knows how to build friendships with ANYONE and he did not fall back on a professional sports career, fame or immense wealth to do it.

He seems to know everyone so Wes connects NBA players with people who perform all types of services. He’s a person to know and befriend to connect you with professionals who meet your needs, if you're a star athlete. 

Relationship Building Jedi

This shows the power of relationship building at the Jedi, highest level. Speaking to human beings, being genuine, building strong bonds and being trustworthy will take you places you could never reach on your own.

If a sneaker store salesmen can go from peddling kicks to being the most powerful person in sports, anyone can start anywhere and become successful in their chosen endeavor.

Go the extra mile. Help people. Be of service. Be generous. Most of all, be of your word. Become trustworthy to lay the foundation for your relationship building campaign.

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