Do You Live from Love or Lack?

by Ryan Biddulph

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Humanity lives largely from lack.

Observe the news. Pay close attention to politics. Note government policies.

People tend to live in the illusion of fear, being scared to lose, and act in accordance with this fear of lack.

How does that world look? Simply watch life unfold before your eyes, on a worldly level. Does this world look loving, caring and abundant? Heck no.

But predominantly making choices to live from energies of love, abundance and generosity changes your world in an instant. What seemed to be lacking becomes loving. What seemed to be missing becomes more than enough.

Everything depends on your perspective.

Face Fear

The quickest way to live from energies of love predominantly involves facing, feeling and releasing your fears. Nudging into fear feels uncomfortable. Feel your fears. Edge into these energies. Nudge through the discomfort. On the other side of fear, love awaits.

Living from energies of love makes you:

  • grateful
  • generous
  • trusting
  • calm
  • relaxed
  • abundant

What seemed to be missing or lacking dissolves into abundance. Instead of seeing the world through self-serving eyes, you feel cared for, and begin caring for other's needs before your own needs.

Humanity lives in survival mode. Most folks work jobs mainly to cover the basics of putting a roof over their head and food on the table. But facing fear, feeling fear and releasing fear allows you to feel cared for, loved and abundant. Feeling abundant motivates you to give freely versus trying to get quickly.

Instead of working a job just to pay bills you begin building a business to become free. Or perhaps you choose a job to liberate yourself. In either case, love, not fear, drives you to do what you do.

Consider Leaving Your Current Environment

I had to leave my old environment of lack, loss and fear to adopt my current environment of abundance, prosperity and love.

Letting go lack often involves making uncomfortable but necessary decisions to release negative influences in your life. People who hold you back need to go. But some of these folks fear losing you. The fear manifests as anger, or lashing out. Simply ignore these individuals to move forward, squirming through uncomfortable moments, to free yourself.

Let go negative habits too. Stop watching the news. Nobody is strong enough to overcome their environment.

Build a New Environment

Begin building a positive, uplifting environment. Surround yourself with loving, compassionate people. Begin your day with meditation, prayer and yoga.

Consider fasting each morning to clarify your thinking.

Drink 2 glasses of water on waking.

Be mindful of your fears. Sit with these energies. Building a more fearless, uplifting environment involves facing, feeling and releasing your fears. Develop an intimate relationship with fear. Clear these energies.

Vibe more from love to release your fears.

Begin to create a more uplifting environment from the inside-out.


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