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Why See People As Mirrors?

Every human being reflects you back to you.

Every person mirrors how you think and feel about yourself.  All sentient beings are connected. We appear to be separate. But like all illusions, this appearance is not true. Oneness exists. Everything is one. This is the truth.


 But a sobering truth it is because most human beings blame other human beings for being bad, nasty, or damaging to humanity.

Look no further than politics. Presidents and various world leaders become the ultimate bad guys. Although every human being needs to be responsible for their thoughts, feelings and actions, being the judge, jury and social executioner of world leaders is a foolish waste of your time. Why?

The world leader you think is stupid, ignorant or a flat-out a clown simply mirrors your beliefs about self back to you. The annoying politician reflects your annoyance back to you. Any other interpretation of your emotions is completely impossible because you and the world leader are connected with all of us.

 Seers like Jesus Christ, Lord Buddha and Babaji teach humanity to see humanity. Enlightened souls like the Dalai Lama preach compassion. He is likely the wisest human being alive as I write these words because he knows amid our appearances of differences that every human being and every sentient being is part of one living presence or one energy field.

See People as Mirrors

Every problem in your life grows out of your irresponsibility to take complete ownership of your human experience. Take ownership for your emotions by observing your judgments of others as being mirrored back to you. 

Millions of afraid, angry, grieving, confused Americans judge politicians ruthlessly. But millions of these afraid Americans would be wise to thank a seemingly terrible politicians for reflecting negative, limiting beliefs back to the afraid, pain and suffering human beings wielding these heavy judgments.

 Anytime I observe myself  labeling a politician as a buffoon or idiot I see myself as a buffoon or idiot. I laugh. Every human being mirrors me back to me. Knowing this, I judge a little because  I know the problem isn't he or she, but me.

But since I am not enlightened I cannot see completely through the illusion of fear and separation. I also know how cosmic justice deals its completely fair, unbiased hand in terms of reflecting an individual's predominant energy back to them.

World leaders may appear to get away with being terrible world leaders. But their fear, pain and suffering continually reflect back to them true chaotic circumstances. That doesn't sound like getting away with things to me.

Even if these folks are re-elected after appearing to do a poor job, the re-election is a prison sentence versus a being a fulfilling, freeing way to serve humanity.

See through Illusions

Never be fooled by Illusions like most people. See through people and circumstances by understanding how cosmic justice ensures your predominant vibration is mirrored back to you through people, situations and circumstances.

 Never celebrate suffering in others unless you want that suffering weird back to you. Observe social justice warriors closely on social media sites. Anyone quick to judge with an instant whiplash simply hurts themselves now and in the long run via a cosmic boomerang.

Cosmic justice is always in effect. Just like the mirror effect.

Ryan Biddulph

Ryan Biddulph inspires you with courses, 100 plus eBooks, audio books and his blog at Blogging From Paradise.