Why Look Within at Your Own Fears?

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I posted this to Facebook a few moments ago:

Carefully exploring your own intimate, personal fears quickly reveals all the world's problems are illusions created by…

Posted by Ryan Biddulph on Wednesday, July 22, 2020

Going within to face, feel and release your own fear is the only way to be liberated from the mass fear appearing to grip humanity.

Life appears to be chaotic. But like all illusions, the chaos is not real or true because fear feeds chaos and fear is not real. Fear certainly FEELS very real but just because you experience the emotion does not make it true or real.

Love is real. Everything else is not real.

I can only write a post like this because I faced, felt and released these intimately personal fears of mine:

  • people will think I am nuts to write such a post
  • people will criticize me for writing such a post
  • people will call me a jerk for writing such a post

Deeply exploring these personal, intense fears in my mind felt bad. Really bad. But feeling and releasing each fear helped me see the illusory nature of fear, to a greater extent.

I also observed how most of humanity becomes easily manipulated by their own fears because few humans take full personal responsibility for facing, feeling and releasing their own fears. Blaming people, circumstances and situations feels more comfortable, and easier.

But make comfortable, easy choices ceding your personal responsibility and burying your fears enslaves you to:

  • the general public
  • society
  • politicians
  • news headlines
  • fear-driven circumstances
  • fear-driven situations

Be Free: Face Your Fears

My wife and I just sold the house. Closing date should be in 3-5 days. We booked our first location and have our following 2 spots lined up. Full time digital nomads now, we are.

Kelli and I are free to circle the globe because we have little to no fear of the current news cycle. But human beings mired in deep personal fears have locked themselves in their homes for months now.

Someone may believe making the comfortable, easy choice to quarantine self for months allows them to be:

  • safe
  • secure
  • healthy

but fear always finds an outlet until you face, feel and release personal, intimate fears.

Fears you do not face now – as you quarantine self for 3, 6 now or 9 months, going forward – bury deep in your being, fester and find insidious outlets, like:

  • manifesting as mental illness (observe skyrocketing domestic violence, suicide, drug addiction and alcohol addiction)
  • manifesting as physical illness
  • manifesting as general unhappiness, malaise and depression

You may appear to out duck or out wit fear, but you cannot get over something that's still in you.

Face intimately personal fears now. Release the energies. Proceed from a more free, clear-seeing, relaxed vibe.

Cryin' Ryan

I cried my eyes out the other night after chasing one cat around the home, placing her in a carrier for her trip. We placed her in a loving home eventually, but I felt disgustingly guilty for traumatizing her during her last few minutes in the house.

Wow did that cry feel horrible but cathartic. I let go fear. I allowed in more love. Isa is doing great in the new home, as is Molly. My wife and I are ready to experience the USA, then, the world.

Freedom, liberation and peace of mind await people willing to face and feel their deepest, most intimate, fears.

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