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Folks toss around concepts like being committed but what does the phrase look like? How do you quantify commitment?

Everyone clings to different definitions of commitment. But most agree how being all in means sticking to one course of action for years, or thousands of hours.

I preach for bloggers to commit for the long haul. Expect to spend years blogging the right way from a generous, trusting energy, before going full time.

Being committed yields big numbers over the long haul.

Check out the featured image for this post. I have published 1,169 guest posts on one blog. I see this as being no big deal because I love writing. But I also published thousands of guest posts on other blogs.

Writing and guest posting over 1100 posts on one blogs may or may not seem like a decent accomplishment to most bloggers. But virtually all bloggers agree; peeping this number quantifies a full on blogging commitment to guest posting.

Long Term

The 1100 guest post number grew out of me guest posting almost daily on Blogging Tips since 2016. I took off time here and there. But largely, I spent the past 4 years writing and publishing one guest post daily on the blog.

Commitment is a long term gig. Anyone can publish 1 guest post on a blog. Anyone can commit for 1 day. But committing for 4 years and 1,169 guest posts? Different story.

Bloggers usually quit at the drop of a hat. Fear invades mind. Bloggers fear:

  • not getting enough traffic
  • not getting enough profits
  • not building enough business

and tend to quit guest posting after 1, 5 or 10 guest posts on a single blog.

I intended to maintain an abundance mentality; keep guest posting daily on Blogging Tips to help people with no genuine expectation or attachment to outcomes.

Being this level of committed to guest posting on a single blog increased my traffic and profits; even though I gave little thought to each, investing fully in the guest posting process yielded increased worldly results.

Even better? Being 100% committed to guest posting on one blog – let alone being committed to guest posting on hundreds of other blogs – unearthed and triggered deep fears I needed to feel and release, to keep growing as a human being and blogger.

Being Committed Unearths Fears

People quit being committed for fear. Literally. Folks fear what happens upon committing 100% to some venture. People despise leaving their comfort zone. Folks hate facing fear.

Naturally, most human beings quit on their commitment the split second something feels a little uncomfortable or scary.

But how can you succeed in any endeavor if you quit at the slightest form of resistance? Success finds committed people who go ALL IN for years, practicing for thousands of hours, honing and owning skills and facing deep fears to purge these energies, accelerating their growth.

This is why you absolutely need to love what you do. Otherwise….you quit, and no longer commit.

See the journey through. Remember why you commit to some goal.

Visualize your dream life manifest. Feel the freedom of being 100% ALL IN.

Glide through fear as you feel and release these anchor-like energies to be committed for the long haul.

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Ryan Biddulph

Ryan Biddulph helps you learn how to blog at Blogging From Paradise.

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