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My wife and I are selling the home.

A few folks asked to see the house before we listed. Each person feared spending money because each quoted an absurdly low ball offer almost half the listing price. We immediately ignored the offer.


The easiest way to move into higher circles is to move out of lower circles. Move out of lower circles by giving no attention and energy to folks residing in lower circles.

We did not take the offer personally because poverty conscious people fearing money loss has nothing to do with us. A few hours after listing:

  • 2 people set up showings
  • 1 person made a cash offer sight unseen; said offer was close to the asking price
  • 1 person seeing the home seems set to make a cash offer

Instantly, you move into higher, more prospering, happier, freer blogging circles by letting go folks in lower circles. Never observe this process from a personal, judgmental energy. I have no issues with the guy who offered 1/2 the asking price when someone offered 3/4th of the asking price without even seeing the place.

The guy who offered peanuts feels terrified to lose money. He likely has little to no cash reserves. The guy who offered 3/4 of the asking price without even seeing the place – all cash offer – obviously has a sizable amount in cash reserves and does not fear losing a nice chunk of change.

Let go folks in lower circles. Move into higher circles

Apply Everywhere in Life

Embrace this concept through all aspects of your life. Domestically, business-wise and spiritually, move into higher circles to feel:

  • free
  • liberated
  • relaxed
  • prospering

In essence, this move has nothing to do with specific people and everything to do with living from energies of love, harmony and peace, versus living from energies of fear, division and chaos.

The silly lowball offer reflects someone so deluded by fear that he creates division in his life, between himself and other people, fueled by his dishonesty. I let him go. Immediately, prospering people stepped into the fold, creating greater love, harmony and agreement.

The realtor, homeowners and eager buyers sit in agreement on a reasonable, fair price for the home. We all sit in similar, higher circles. No resistance. No bartering. Simply honest, fair exchanges here.

Moving into higher circles cultivates peace of mind. Folks vibing mainly from fear live in chaos, choosing to reside in lower circles. Folks who choose to leave fear behind to live mainly from love, abundance and generosity rocket into higher blogging circles.

Not Status Just Emotions

Higher circles have nothing to do with status, prestige or other worldly, ego-driven qualities. Higher circles have everything to do with love, harmony, peace of mind and abundance, all qualities of the soul, of a higher plane.

Never confuse status with a freeing way of living. One please ego; one feels natural to the soul.

Observe your life. In what areas do you need to move into higher circles? Let go fear and folks residing on lower energetic wavelengths to align with loving, prospering people to cultivate your peace of mind.

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