How I Got Free Flights to Hawaii

by Don Smith

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I'm a big proponent of spending quality time with family. Unfortunately, vacations can add up in a hurry, especially flights. That's why when I ran into a way to get free flights to Hawaii, I felt like I needed to share.

Here's a simple travel hack you can use to get free flights to nearly anywhere on the planet.

Picture of Hawaii - How I got free flights to Hawaii
Enjoying an Anniversary in Hawaii

For many years, I avoided credit cards like the plague. Unfortunately, that also meant I wasn't collecting any of the rewards from using them responsibly either.

Banks expect you to let your spending get out of control. That way, they can hit you with massive interest charges. If you are instead disciplined and pay your card off every month, it's an effortless way to get free stuff.

Getting Free Flights to Hawaii

This year, I got two plane tickets to Hawaii by signing up for a Chase Sapphire Card and using it. I'm excited because while I've been to 38/50 states in the USA, Hawaii isn't one of them.

I'm not sure how much longer they'll do this, but at the time of this article, they were offering 60,000 points to sign up. That translates into $750 towards travel, just for signing up.

Not bad for a card with only a $95 annual fee.

In case you wonder why I pay for a card, free ones are junk in comparison. You get free travel protection, rental insurance, better rewards, and a bunch of other perks like free door dash deliveries.

Scheduling a free flight to Hawaii - Chase Sapphire Travel Rewards

For every friend you refer, you can get another 15,000 points too, so those can add up quickly.

Anyway, I just thought I'd share that tip with you. If you like to travel, the right card can be a great tool to help you achieve your dreams.


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