How Do You Handle a Daily Double?

by Ryan Biddulph

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I scanned my email a few moments ago.

I observed roughly twice the number of emails I normally get. Feeling largely calm, cool and collected, I scanned each email for 3-5 seconds to decide: ignore or reply with 1 short sentence. I also deleted one long email roughly 10 paragraphs in size. Why? I know how to handle a daily double.

What is a daily double? Any day yielding twice the amount of work instantly forces you to:

  • let go certain jobs
  • stress over trying to complete the daily double work load

I referred to an email example. Obviously, reading and replying to email plays a tiny role in the day of a passive income earning blogger. But imagine if I read every word of every email and replied to every email. I would have been in my inbox for over 1 hour, easy. Then, imagine going back and forth with people. Tack on another 10 to 20 minutes…..if not longer.

Most entrepreneurs and employees buckle under the weight of a daily double work load because most humans vibe from energies of fear, scarcity, poverty, lack and loss. A few select souls see daily double workloads as opportunities to:

  • get clearer
  • develop posture
  • release non-matching tasks or business opportunities
  • gain confidence
  • trust in the process, not the outcomes

Save Time by Letting Go

Sometimes, I spend 30 seconds writing a short, sweet, personalized email for people pitching me anything. I let go this approach today to save my time. I replied in 3-5 seconds with 1 sentence. I handle daily doubles by letting go, not by adding, tasks.

What if you run a service-based business dependent on replying to potential clients ASAP? Establish your:

  • confidence
  • posture
  • peace of mind
  • abundance mindset

by replying in 1-2 sentences with rates, or any factors at play. Understand this; almost every single human being you come across fears losing business, opportunities or anything.

Fear manifests as a lack of clarity. A lack of clarity manifests as time-wasting activities. Anything done in 10 paragraphs can be done in 1 sentence. But only by facing, feeling and releasing fears do you maintain this level of clarity, posture and confidence.

Do What You Can

Get clear, save time, then do what you can today from energies of peace, calm, relaxation and abundance.

Tomorrow's work is for tomorrow. Let go any work you cannot possibly complete today. What happens if work piles up? What happens as pressure builds? Obviously, if you chose to work a business or job that creates the illusion of pressure, it's time to look for a new business or job.

More work for me means more fun because I chose to love what I do. Make the same choice. Nothing will ever pile up or put pressure on you again. Plus you'll enjoy the ride.

Manage Your Energy

I spend 3 hours or more managing my energy daily to handle most if not all moments with poise, peace and calm. Do you see why I spend hours meditating, doing Kriya yoga, doing yin yoga and exercising?

Doing the inner work makes the out world easy to navigate because everything begins and ends in the mind.

About the Author 

Ryan Biddulph

Ryan Biddulph helps you learn how to blog at Blogging From Paradise.

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