How Cancel Culture Slows Down Your Personal Growth

by Ryan Biddulph

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I had no idea what this term meant.

After researching it a few moments ago, I realized how cancel culture slows down your personal growth. Cancel culture actually stalls your personal growth. How do you grow if you punish people?

Where your attention and energy goes, grows. Give your attention and energy to punishing people and you punish yourself in the long run. Growth stops the moment you regress into the fear-pain of shaming others. Growth stalls the split second you intend to punish others.

Everything you do to others you do to self because we are connected. Hurting someone intentionally because someone hurt people pulls you back into your bubble of comfort, pain, misery and growth-free suffering.

Growth increases in harmonious environments of acceptance, love and compassion. Growth halts in chaotic environments of rejection, fear and contempt.

Let go. Grow. Release people. Grow like a weed.


Life serves as a mirror. How you treat others is how you wind up treating yourself.

Social media judge, juries and executioners devote precious minutes, hours and weeks:

  • shaming people
  • demanding resignations
  • demanding someone suffer professionally and financially

Judging people judges yourself. No happy, sane, compassionate human being shames, embarrasses or calls out another because we see the world how we see ourselves.

Punishers believe deep down how punishment awaits for self. Perhaps victims of childhood abuse become social crusaders hellbent on shaming celebrities or CEOs into lesser pay, lesser stature and into a cocoon of shame.

Or maybe you made a bad choice in the past you refuse to own now. Being tortured by guilt, wracked by doubt and paralyzed by shame, projecting your fear-pain onto another human seems like a way to lighten your energetic burden.

But every second spent judging others slows down personal growth because you cannot grow if you try to prevent other people from growing. Perfect mirror.

Energy Thing

Giving your energy to seeing bad in others expands bad-fear-pain in you. Increasing fear-pain energies in your being grows an energetic anchor impossible to release until you forgive yourself, forgive others and feel the pain fueling judgment.

I am hardly Lord Buddha. Nobody confuses me with Jesus Christ. I have shadows. But I am largely busy helping people and know I have screwed up, wronged human beings and did some knucklehead stuff in the past.

Why would I judge someone, shame someone or punish someone when I am flawed, with fault and sometimes act from fear, like virtually every one of the 7 billion human beings on planet earth now?

Look in the Mirror

Look in the mirror. Before judging anyone, identify your fear-pain-suffering feeding your judgement of others. Feel this fear. Out goes the pain. Out goes the judgement.

Cancel culture dissolves into cosmic justice. Cosmic justice is beyond the knowledge of ego. All works out according to our individual energies but compassion overrides your being, releasing urges to relish in another's judgment.

Let people go to grow.

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Ryan Biddulph

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