Do You Have the Total Picture?

by Ryan Biddulph

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The other day I stopped by the mall.

I saw this:


Whoever decided on the location of the restaurant did not think much about how foot traffic from a specific direction would see the sign. Of course, the restaurant did not serve the ebola virus. Nor did the eatery specialize in serving up ebola virus dishes. But I saw a powerful example of snap judging something before you get the entire picture.

How many times in life have you judged a person, situation or circumstance before getting the full picture? Me and my wife are selling the house now. Someone low balled an offer quite silly before the house listed. He implored us to let him see it before the listing.

Obviously, this flipper vibed from an energy of fear, scarcity and poverty. We have already received asking price, cash, inspection-free offers. He came in well over 6 figures below the asking price. Yikes.

Not having the full picture, I may call the guy a jerk, scumbag or low life. But since I do not have the full picture, I see a guy filled with fear who attempted to make one dishonest business transaction. Why? He is afraid. Can I blame the guy for being afraid and making a foolish decision? I have been afraid too. I have made foolish decisions based on my deep fears.

Get the Full Picture or Understand How the Full Picture Probably Looks

This guy could have just been divorced. Maybe he lost most or all of his money. Maybe he has millions but feels terrified to lose millions. I have no idea why he has such a relationship with money.

I will never get his full picture – we are moving soon – but I can understand how scared people do dishonest things because some or most parts of their lives are in shambles.

I have compassion for folks – usually – because I understand how afraid people act on:

  • anger
  • dishonesty
  • frustration
  • terror
  • panic

among other emotions. I get the full picture. I have felt angry, dishonest, frustrated, terrified and panicked. I know why I felt these ways, too. I know the full picture.

Get My Full Picture

People look at me with envy. Some want to punch me in the face half-jokingly for the globe-trotting life I live. But 99% of the human population would not trade their fears-problems for the fears-problems I needed to face to become this person, in a million years.

My full picture or full story is a rich tapestry in contrasts. I live a movie-worthy life because I put in a movie-worthy effort. I became more fearless by facing fears like embracing my mom's terminal illness, embracing financial nightmares and embracing rejection from my family for several years.

Most of humanity grabs a bottle, pill or the remote control to distract themselves from facing these horrors. Guys like me face, feel and embrace these fears-pains to be liberated from the energies and to live our dreams.

Never judge someone until you get the full picture.


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