Do You Follow Fun or Fear?

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On the road again…..

My wife and I sit in an extended stay hotel room. We needed a pet friendly place for our kitty kat. After dropping her off in a loving home, we will be lining up house sits and AirBnb's around the USA. Traveling time.

We travel because we follow our fun. We do things mainly for the fun of it. But most people seem to do most things by following their fear.

People design much of their lives based on doing things to avoid facing deep fears. Folks work depressing jobs solely to avoid the fear of running out of money. Others work depressing jobs because folks fear getting sick and not having health insurance.

Some work depressing jobs to distract themselves from facing their deepest, darkest most liberating fears.

At the end of the day, either follow your fun or follow your fear. Everything depends solely on you.

Follow Your Fun through Your Fear

Today, I began my travels after 14 months of being home. Traveling feels fun to me. But traveling pulls me directly through fears like:

  • fears associated with new, uncomfortable surroundings
  • fears associated with learning the new lay of the land
  • fears associated with leaving the comfort zone of my home base, literally

I have oodles of fun traveling but know how hitting the road unearths different fears. After selling the home, home base is gone forever. Perhaps we buy a home well down the road.

Having no home base feels incredibly liberating and a little scary, too. I travel with a carry on, laptop, Chromebook and phone. I live the dream but also feel a bit naked with only a few physical possessions to my name.

Such is life as you exit your comfort zone regularly.

Choose to follow your fun. Following your fear seems to feel comfortable but fear eventually catches up to you.


People who make predominantly comfortable decisions appear to duck fears. But like all appearances, this apparent ducking is an illusion.

No one gets over or around a fear still within. Perhaps you avoid fear today. But fear you do not:

  • face
  • feel
  • release

festers in your being as burgeoning mental or physical illness. Or fear manifests along some other line.

People often work jobs because folks fear the more fluid, volatile nature of running your own business. Fools believe jobs are stable, rock solid ways of earning a steady paycheck for decades.

Fear wakes up fools who believe jobs are permanent, stable forms of security. Wait until your pink slip arrives. No one who works for another person has any real security or stability because your employer – not you – calls the shots.

Every employee is expendable because skilled people who also foolishly buy into the illusion of job security wait on a conveyor belt to take your position.

After you get fired you realize; fear always finds an outlet.

Choose to follow your fun for a liberating, peaceful life. Following your fun makes for a:

  • loving
  • compassionate
  • energetic
  • calm
  • grounded

way of living.

Worldly success follows passionate people. Fun-followers face deep fears, strong resistance and hefty obstacles. But doing something for the fun of it gives you the energy, focus and drive to overcome any obstacle and to knife through any fear.

Stop following your fear.

Follow your fun for a more freeing way to live.

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