Cultivate an As If Vibe

by Ryan Biddulph

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Life seems to unfold beautifully for people who cultivate an “as if” vibe.

Life seems to be difficult for people filled with fear, doubt and worry.

As we wait for the actual close date, the house listed about 10 days ago. We sold it in a little over a week. Cash offer just short of list. No inspection. We expect a 12-14 day close.

How many people list a house, sell it in 10 days – cash offer and no inspection – and close 2 weeks later? Not many. But I drilled this point into my wife's consciousness 2-3 weeks before listing the house:

“It is done. It is sold.”

I decided to cultivate the vibe, belief and feeling that the house was sold BEFORE the house sold. Maintaining this vibe gave me, my wife and other inheriting parties confidence, clarity and a sense of calm posture about the sales process.

Someone offered roughly half the listing price before we listed. The realtor did not dignify relaying this silliness to us until we asked. Within 2 hours of listing, cash, inspection-free offers flowed in, but well below the list price.

Showings began. Up to 7 people checked out the house daily. More cash offers flowed in. Bidding increased. Someone offered to buy at the list price but we rejected the offer because the individual required an inspection. Deal breaker.

5 minutes later, someone offered cash and did not require an inspection. The investor came up just below the list price. We took the offer. Why?

Everybody involved with the sale on the selling side adopted the general vibe that the house had already sold.

Maintain an “As If” Vibe

Faith, knowing and clarity give you confidence in some intent manifesting. Meanwhile, most of humanity struggles in life, filling their minds with fear, doubt, worry and anxiety, being void of trust.

I can only imagine how many non-posturing, panicked people would have desperately gobbled up the 1/2 price offer because they deeply doubted the house would sell. We knew the house was sold. We trusted someone would hand us cash at about the listing price without requiring an inspection.

We hired someone to perform a pre-inspection, anyway.

Maintaining an “as if” vibe gives you:

  • confidence
  • clarity
  • knowing
  • trust
  • a sense of calm

in a largely scared, afraid, doubting world. Some realtors vibed so much with fear and doubt that they:

  • remarked how much work the house needed – the pre-inspection report detailed this fact – showing their cards in the process, revealing how their clients had little money and would not be in the running
  • desperately tried to work through us – not entirely ethical – versus working only through our realtor
  • followed up with us (not the realtor) desperately after we agreed to sell to our ideal buyer, not getting the hint that a lack of return calls meant the deal was done and their client would not be able to buy the home

Not maintaining that “as if” vibe leads to struggle, failure and unhappiness. But maintaining the confident, clear, trusting vibe that your intent has already manifest gives you the knowing that everything is done, and without fail, your intent comes to pass.

Time and Clarity

The time element passing between your intent in mind, your “as if” attitude and manifestation of the intent depends solely on your clarity. Clear individuals take necessary actions from a calm, cool, detached energy to manifest success quickly.

But less clear people rack themselves with fear, doubt and anxiety, delaying on taking inspired action, waiting on the sidelines and either greatly delaying and canceling out their positive intent.

With each successive offer I reminded myself, “It is already done.” The sale followed quickly. But I am also realistic in knowing that if I ever become a billionaire through my blog that I have nowhere near this level of clarity, confidence and peace of mind to manifest billions in weeks, months or even within a decade. The same principles apply but I still have plenty of fears and worthiness issues blocking the billions of dollars now.

I'll get back to you in a decade on that one 🙂

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