Break or Break

by Ryan Biddulph

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I break every 30-60 minutes for mini yoga sessions.

Either break or break. Take a break or you break down.

Observe happy people. Prospering folks break routinely. Mini breaks. Longer breaks. Vacations. Successful people know; either break, or you break.

Successes spend time daily pulling back from their work day. Even from their family day. Spend time in silence. Allow space to expand between your thoughts, feelings and self. Be awareness watching everything. Break to cultivate peace of mind.

Benefits of Breaking

Taking breaks gives you clarity. Imagine plowing through your day. Fear-filled people plow through their day. Why? Fear makes you do what you do not want to do. Taking a few breaks expands your awareness. What fears bedevil you to push yourself break-free? Devilish fears arise during break sessions.

Face, feel and release these fears. Sit with the ick. Develop genuine peace of mind. Breaking made it happen.

Break early and often to:

  • gain clarity
  • cultivate peace of mind
  • rest your body
  • recharge your mind
  • energize yourself
  • ground yourself
  • become aware of fear
  • become aware of problems
  • find solutions to problems
  • see the truth

Car Analogy

Have you seen super car videos on YouTube? Even million dollar masterpieces break down after drivers push such special rides to the limit.

I saw a guy drive a LeFarrari to its limits on YouTube recently. Despite its $3.5 million price tag, smoke billowed out of the car after 5 minutes of doing doughnuts, gunning it and slamming into pot holes. Cars need breaks or cars break down. Humans need breaks or humans break down into mental and physical illness.

Lose the Hard Work Consciousness

Forget about working hard. Stop working long. Have fun developing skills through practice. Get 8 hours of sleep nightly. Take breaks every 1-2 hours.

Pull back from work. Something neat happens; efficiency and effectiveness skyrocket. Plus you feel good to enjoy your journey.

Who cares if you succeed along with getting sick and feeling stressed? Why wear mental and physical illness as an insane badge of courage?

Sleep a decent chunk of the day. Work with generosity, passion, vim and vigor. Succeed the right way; over the long haul.

Any successful journey involves years of effort. Breakers see the journey through. Types trying to burn the candle on both ends break down. Human bodies can only handle so much. Mental sickness follows non-breaking people. Panic, chaos, desperation and blanket anxiety cripple even generous people. Mental rot evolves into physical rot manifest as disease.

Note people who get sick all of the time. Folks who never break for mental science, sleep and life away from work simply break down mentally then physically.

Sleep Tight

Sleep for 8 hours each evening. Do racing thoughts bully you out of bed? Sit with these energies. Observe feelings. Let feelings go. Stay in bed.

Sleeping – or resting – recharges your body and refreshes your mind. Feeling refreshed and recharged lets you think clearly, plan intelligently and act generously.

Schedule Breaks

Schedule breaks.

Break on the hour. Or break every 2 hours. Give yourself 5 minutes to stroll. Or do a few moments of yoga. Breathe deeply. Go to bed around the same time nightly. Create a breaking pattern.

Pull back from everything and everyone. Give yourself alone time. Figure out who you really are versus who you want to be for others. Big difference. Breakers make this distinction clearly. Follow their lead.


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