6 Ways That Mindfulness Improves Productivity

by Ashley Halsey

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While mindfulness has become popular and fashionable in recent years, you probably might not expect it to be in production – when you’re creating and completing a project for your company. However, as some people and mindfulness gurus have seen, mindfulness is beneficial to the health of your productive tendencies, especially when working on a project.

And although some people already have that mindful mindset in their arsenal, others are prone to stress, anger, and other problematic tendencies, which can hinder their performance at work and or when working on any kind of project. Plus, others are prone to spending most of their days thinking about past and future events – this, too, can hinder work performance. Or, they might daydream, which can distract them from the task at hand.

However, when you start to implement mindfulness into your work ethic, you’ll see positive changes to how you start and complete projects; and you’ll train your brain to stay focused on said projects.

Here are six ways that mindfulness can improve your productivity:

Better Attention Span

“We’re all prone to distractions,” says Thomas Bray, a personal development blogger at Writinity and Researchpapersuk. “But with mindfulness, your mind can stay on track, as you complete a task. With regular mindfulness meditations, you’ll be able to hold your attention on the task at hand, and not let you fall for distractions.”

Planning Made More Effective

When it comes to planning, to-do lists are essential in helping you stay on track with your work. However, if you have so many things to do, then it can be hard to prioritize things on your to-do list.

But with mindfulness, it helps keep you grounded, and stay focused on completing your to-do list. In addition, mindfulness helps you create better plans and, in turn, achieve better productivity.

Stress Is Handled Better

Stress can happen, no matter where you are, and what you’re doing. So, if you’re stressed out on the job, then it can be hard to complete tasks, or even start them.

However, practicing mindfulness will help you handle stress in a more efficient way, to where it doesn’t keep you from working on a project. Mindfulness will give you a clear head on what’s going on, and how to better resolve any issues that are making you stressed out.

Lets You See Your Priorities Clearly

What happens when your project goes nowhere? What happens when you lose track of your priorities? That can scary, especially when you have a deadline to meet for your project. Plus, you’re not alone, for we’ve all been there.

Mindfulness, on the other hand, allows you to see your priorities more clearly, and help you work towards what’s really important in a project. With mindfulness comes more awareness in what’s important at the moment. And, when you prioritize the “priorities” with a clear mind and attitude, you’ll save on time and energy.

Improvements In Creativity

“Creativity can stem from mindfulness,” says Jose Emory, a lifestyle writer at Draft beyond and Last minute writing. “According to a recent study from the Netherlands at Leiden University, mindfulness activities like meditation can improve the brain’s ability to generate new ideas. Therefore, such activities can help you find creative solutions to whatever roadblocks that you might run into when working on a project.”

Better Decision-Making

As you work towards a goal, chances are, you’ll run into scenarios where you’ll have to make a decision on them. But sometimes, our decisions can be influenced on bias, due to our conditioning of mind and emotional state.

Instead, mindfulness will cast bias aside, and help you determine what’s best for you, when it comes to your project. With mindfulness, you’ll avoid poor decision-making practices.


As you read through the six benefits of practicing mindfulness in your business practices and projects, you’ll see your company not only thrive, but also get things done. Mindfulness training especially helps you climb the corporate ladder, and even generate more revenue, since you’ll have a clear mind to:

  • Let imaginations run wild
  • Implement the necessary changes, AND
  • Encourage your workforce to contribute with great ideas

So, instead of succumbing to stress and negative thinking, try moving towards positivity, as you implement mindfulness, and be truly productive in your work. Just channelize the right energies, and start seeing how things can change for the better.


About the Author 

Ashley Halsey

Ashley Halsey writes and edits for Law assignments and Gumessays.com. As a professional writer, she has managed many writing projects nationwide. In her spare time, she loves to travel, read her favorite books, and spend quality time with her two children.

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