Why Convince Skeptics When Fans Await You?

by Ryan Biddulph

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I see a massive blogging problem on a daily basis.

Bloggers make the common error of trying to convince:

  • skeptics
  • critics
  • negative reviewers
  • doubters
  • haters

versus giving 100% of their attention, energy and focus to loving fans of present and future.

I get it. I made the same blogging mistake. I feared losing my reputation. Naturally, I attempted to convince people who appeared to damage my reputation with negative reviews and critical comments.

Like all fears, my attempt grounded itself in illusion. I also learned how where your attention and energy goes, grows. Give your energy to critics. More critics move into your experience.

Go to Where You Are Loved

I finally tired of struggling with critics. Giving all of my attention and energy to loving fans made more sense.

I stopped trying to convince critics who cared not for my blog and began solely helping fans who loved my blog. What happened? My success expanded. Why? Where your attention and energy goes, grows.

Go to where you are loved. Love expands as:

  • good vibes
  • worldly success
  • money
  • abundance
  • peace of mind

But the question remains: should you ignore critics?

Critics: Ignore or Appease?

Every critical person sees the world – in their critical moments – through the prism of fear. Fear is illusion. Fear is not real. Only love is real.

Knowing this basic truth of life, does it make sense to appease someone living in an illusion that obscures truth? No.

Does it seem sound to field feedback from someone detached from reality? Fear blinds you from truth because fear is not real.

We see the world as we see ourselves. Every time someone publishes a 1 star review after reading one of my eBooks, I fully understand that I am a mirror reflecting back to the critic something they despise about themselves.

Living in the illusory, deluded state of fear, the critic attempts to project their fear-pain onto you. Why attempt to convince a raging bull upset with themselves?

What About Reputation?

What about reputation? Can you control someone's thoughts? Nope. Since your reputation is what someone things about you, reputation management is an amusing concept to ponder.

Attempting to control, manipulate, coerce or convince someone indicates YOU are the person living in fear, that being the fear of losing your reputation. Who needs to look in the deluded, illusory mirror now? Yep; you.

Give all your love to people who love what you do. Success expands. Even better? Loyal fans endorse, promote and support you so more like-minded, loyal fans find you. Win-win scenario here. You get to help more like-minded people while experiencing more worldly success.

What About Civil Debate?

Polite, mindful, peaceful people who disagree with you are not critics. Feel free to chat with opposing parties to adopt a different point of view on some topic. Feel free NOT to chat with them too.

I recall scanning 5 paragraph long, opposing viewpoints via comments on my blog. Obviously, this person vibes a bit too much from fear as their lack of clarity has manifest as a comment requiring 20 minutes for writing and publishing.

I surround myself with clear, confident, kind people who get right to the point and exit stage left. Virtually all of these folks vibe predominantly with me, my blog and my brand.

Life is too short to spend precious time and energy trying to convince an unclear person seeing the world through the illusory prism of fear.

Hang with your fans. Serve these folks. Feel good connecting with your tribe. Experience greater success.

About the Author 

Ryan Biddulph

Ryan Biddulph helps you learn how to blog at Blogging From Paradise.

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