What Unresolved Fears Do You Need to Face?

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I watched my four-year-old niece for the past two days. We had a blast as we always do. She made friends with a handful of kids around her age who live in the neighborhood. Largely, play has been harmonious. But for the first time over the past two days, she is learning the ins-and-outs of interacting with other children when things do not go her way.

 She is learning how to share with other kids for the first time. In addition, other kids who may not be sharing with her seem to be getting her goat. Twice she ran back to the house to protest someone not sharing or at allegedly physically hurting her (I saw the incident; she was just playing and bumped her arm).  Grievances were aired. Then me and my wife reminded her that the kids didn't mean to hurt her because it was just play, and she stumbled, and how she has to share with others in order to remain friends.


 Strange as it may seem, these first few incidents with fellow children can be blessings or burdens. Uncle Ryan and Aunt Kelli reminded our niece to be kind, to share and to simply try her best to understand that the other kids aren't trying to be unfair to her. Most little children do not realize how they interact sometimes. Rarely do they do things on purpose.

 But imagine if we blamed the other kids. Imagine if I told her to take what was hers and bump those other little rugrats? Some parents actually do that. Even though this sounds insane, the behavior of some miserable adults clearly reflects a child who never received loving, compassionate guidance to harmoniously live with other human beings.

Low Energy Titans

 Look no further than competitive minded, ruthless heads of big industries. Babies who never learn how to share grow up into adults like babies who never learned how to share. Fearing the competition means you fear another human being eating into your income. This is an unresolved fear that likely began during the early childhood years.

Perhaps you feared somebody would take your favorite cookie so you stowed it away in a hiding spot. Or maybe your mom and dad told you to take care of yourself only and to forget everybody else.

 In either case, this seemingly small childhood issue turned you into a desperate or panicked adult who thinks everybody is out to get them. Until you face fears feeding these faulty limiting beliefs you will continue to act like someone fearing other people will take your stuff.

Face Fear Now or it Gets Worse

 You and I have seen many people who age, get sick and die in a relatively miserable, depressive state. This is one of life's greatest tragedies because simply facing your fears from unresolved issues earlier in life frees you both from the fears and the mental and physical illness that grows out of fears long-repressed.

 I have observed beautiful people slowly but steadily  evolve into unwell human beings because they did not face fears long-repressed from childhood. I had a terribly rough stretch during earlier portions of my life because I did not face, feel and release unresolved fears from my childhood. But eventually doing so freed me from fears and the wicked mental and physical problems that repressed fears manifest.

 Face fear now. Or it gets worse. Fear multiplies into untold nightmares in every area of your life until you face the energies, feel the energies and release the energies to be more of the love, compassion and acceptance that you really are.

Be gentle with yourself. Fear facing sessions get a little bumpy sometimes but just like experiencing turbulence on an airplane, bumpiness soon evolves into a relatively smooth, peaceful journey that you enjoy. 

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