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What Moving Taught Me About Fear and Attachment

Should I write longer posts? Or shorter posts? I know 500 or a bit higher is the minimum word count here. But I enjoyed writing 1000 word count blog posts on blogging tips blogs, both my own and spots where I guest post.

What is a busy boy to do?

I am as busy as a bee now. My wife and I are selling the house. We plan to travel in the US for a bit before heading abroad when international travel opens up more.

But moving involves spending hours doing stuff to a house requiring plenty of work. Those hours eat into my blogging work day. All of a sudden, those hours I had to write 1000 word posts feel like a luxury. I always make freedom my #1 intent so out goes 1000 words, in comes frequent 600 word posts and I need to sit with fears arising as I observe my attachment to blogging strategies.

Release Fear to Grow

I grow because I have a rich life outside of blogging. But I only have a rich life outside of blogging by releasing blogging-related fears on a daily basis, these days. How can I spend hours managing my energy offline – and a good 1 hour or so enjoying Netflix – if I fear-forced myself to write in-depth, 1000 word or longer posts online? Impossible.

House work eats up hours of my day. I faced fear, felt it and released it to free up hours of my blogging day to devote to house work. Now I can spend hours offline managing my energy – and 1 hour watching Netflix (treat time) – because I shaved hours off of my blogging day. Shaving hours involved doing things I feared doing; writing shorter blog posts when I had enjoyed and prospered through longer form posts.

But….all blogging roads lead to Rome.

All Roads Lead to Rome

Energy, not strategy, wins at the end of the day. All roads lead to Rome. Have you noticed how successful people in all walks of life usually adopt slightly or vastly different approaches? Seth Godin succeeds with 100-200 word blog posts. Brian Dean publishes thousands upon thousands of words.


Energy beats strategy. How you feel predominantly colors your actions. Coloring your actions in specific fashion colors your results. But facing, feeling and releasing fears is critical to work from a predominant passionate, peaceful, relaxed, clear energy.

I had to get clear on short form posts by facing fears fueling my attachment to long form posts. Feeling fear never feels fun but does lead to better feelings. I feel as good blogging today as I have in weeks. Sure I felt good writing long form posts. But I need to evolve given the time and energy suck associated with selling a home and living a digital nomad life in the future.

Face Fear

Face fears. Observe attachments. Hug these energies. Feel better after releasing deep fears because more fearless people see life through a clear prism of fun, passion, relaxation and relative detachment.

Not only do you enjoy the ride more from this energy; you also experience more worldly success over the long haul.


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